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Spider-Man trial: Spider-Man accused of giving no-tipping mom punch in the head

Spider-Man has a day in court after he's accused of punching a no-tipping mother in the face!
Photo by Mike Pont/Getty Images

Spider-Man is on trial in a New York City court for punching an irate mom in the head. The mother claims that while she was celebrating one of her kid's birthdays in the Big Apple she encountered a man dressed like Spider-Man. This guy decked out in the superhero's uniform, approached her and her two kids and insisted they take a picture together.

According to The Christian Science Monitor on June 18, the picture was taken and the Spider-Man character asked her for a tip. When the mother told the man she had no cash, he swore at her and later punched her in the face. Now the real-man who was masquerading as Spider-Man is in court telling his side of the story.

He admits swearing at the woman, but he said he only swung and hit her in the face after she threw a chunk of ice at him. This Spider-Man probably wasn't much of a hero to her kids after they stood watching all this unfold. Victoria Goreaciuc said Phillip Williams dressed as Spider-Man punched her in the face after she threw a handful of snow at him, according to MSN News.

After she threw the snow, he punched her and he took off on foot. Groeaciuc went and got a policeman and she went with him to approach Spider-Man. When she asked Spider-Man why he swore at her, he had no idea what she was talking about. She had the wrong Spider-Man.

Then she spotted another Spider-Man going into a car garage and she followed the officer into the garage. This was the right Spider-Man, the woman recognized his voice. This is when their day in court was sealed.

This is just one case in a rash of recent people dressed as popular children's characters raising havoc in Times Square. A while ago a man dressed as the Cookie Monster shoved a 2-year-old child and a Super Mario character groped a woman. Then there was sweet-looking Elmo who wasn't so sweet. He was a man dressed as the Elmo character who unleashed an anti-Semitic rant.

All of these delightful children's character's were arrested for their behaviors. Now there are these new claims of Spider-Man swearing and punching a mom who didn't tip him added to the pack.

Williams' lawyer claims his client was only trying to defend himself because the Goreaciuc first attacked him with a chunk of ice, which she maintains was a "handful of snow." Williams was in court wearing a suit and a tie, he left his Spider-Man suit at home apparently.

If Williams is convicted of harassment and other charges he could face up to 90 days in jail for his part in this caper. This is one Spider-Man encounter in Times Square that didn't follow the script of the popular movie for sure!

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