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Spider-Man is back, grab your web-shooters and game on!

XBox 360 box art.
XBox 360 box art.
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On Tuesday July 3rd The Amazing Spider-Man opened in theaters across the country, once again presenting Marvel's famous web-slinging wall crawler on the silver screen. The film itself comes after the largely disappointing Spider-man 3 and is more of a reboot than a continuation of that story line. As is often the case with blockbuster film releases, it was only a matter of time before a new Spider-man video game would hit shelves for fans of the iconic hero to become immersed in.

At first glance, the game is visually stunning on the XBox 360. Unlike some of the last few Spider-Man releases the player is once again given the island of Manhattan in an open-world format to work with. The city itself is visually top-notch and the overall effect of the very popular Batman Arkham series is clearly seen in many of the gameplay mechanics. This is no more apparent than during combat sequences when surrounded by several enemies. The combat seems to be relatively easy to maneuver, both with counter and attack controls to use at will. Stealth mechanics allow the player the opportunity to create their next move by viewing the entire area as relates to the current enemy and set up the take down in stages. Another very nice component is the attention to detail as concerns Spider-Man’s suit. The effect of his work takes a continued toll over the course of the game which gives players another sense of realism in the midst of the extraordinary feats that the character is capable of.

There are some situations in which the gameplay will take place indoors, which will briefly limit what Spider-Man can do, specifically where he can go. The majority of the game’s wow factor will likely come from being able to roam free and tend to all that the city presents in tasks to complete. The Amazing Spider-Man is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and the Nintendo 3DS. The average retail price is $59.99.