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‘Spider-Man 2099’ #1 delivers the Spider-Man of tomorrow today

In our world Spider-Man became a phenomena following his introduction by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in the pages of “Amazing Fantasy” #15 (August 1962). He is easily one of the most recognized superheroes ever created. The phenomena exists within the world of the Marvel Universe, and the Spider-Man we met in 1962 inspires a legacy that leads to Miguel O’Hara becoming Spider-Man in the year 2099 when a genetic accident gives his genetic code a rewrite to make his DNA 50% spider.

Great looking art heralds the return of Spider-Man 2099.
Simone Bianchi
A stunning variant cover for the first issue of the new "Spider-Man" 2099 series.
Alexander Lozano

Marvel Comics published the series starring Spider-Man 2099 from 1992-1996 and at the conclusion of the series the character faded away with sporadic appearances. Following the events of “Superior Spider-Man” 17-19 (Nov-Dec 2013), the Spider-Man of the future gets stuck in the present day Marvel Universe. So what does the Spider-Man of 2099 do in 2014? He gets a job working for his grandfather.

The original writer of the original “Spider-Man 2099” series Peter David pairs up with artist Will Sliney to chronicle the all-new adventures of Miguel O’Hara as he sets up shop in a world he never made. “Spider-Man 2099” Volume 2 #1 picks up from Spidey 2099’s last appearance helping the original Spider-Man resume his role as New York’s number one web-slinger. The first order of business avoid being killed by the adjustor of T.O.T.E.M., a time travelling police officer whose mission is to wipe out time displaced anomalies.

While being pursued through the Alchemax building where Spider-Man 2099 has taken a job David is able to introduce the supporting players in the story. From Miguel O’Hara’s cowardly and conniving grandfather to a potential “future” love interest in the CEO of Alchemax Liz Allan, who is also quite conniving, the characters of “Spider-Man 2099” take shape quick.

Sliney’s artwork drives the action and the pace of the story. The pages are beautifully rendered in clean and clear designs that let the story unfold in the pictures that are complimented by David’s dialogue. With the large cast in the first issue, walk-ons and soon to be regulars, Sliney gives each a distinct look. The art brings out the tension of the scenes through the use of expressive characters from smirks, to smiles, to fear Sliney uses it all to bring the story together.

David’s penchant for witty dialogue keeps the tone of the story light even as the adjustor from T.O.T.E.M. carries out executions that are to “protect” the future. Miguel O’Hara comes across as a likeable guy who would rather go home then stay in the present day Marvel Universe, but he’ll make the best of it while he is here.

“Spider-Man 2099” #1 is a welcome return to a character of the 1990s. The classic design for the hero’s costume is unique and Sliney makes it look great. The story gets to explore a man out of his own time who walks a slippery slope by becoming involved with a company and people who he owes his existence to. This is definitely a series to jump on from the get go and watch the formation of the tapestry that David will weave.

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