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Spicy Vegan Gluten-free Protein-packed Snack

Saffron Road Wasabi Crunchy Chickpeas
Saffron Road Wasabi Crunchy Chickpeas
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If you are looking for a healthy vegan, gluten-free, spicy snack to help you ward off the munchies while you are working, try Saffron Road Crunchy Chickpeas. They come in three flavors, in increasing levels of hot: falafel, Bombay spice, and wasabi. As you may imagine, you cannot inhale them as quickly and thoughtlessly as you can a big bag of chips—vegan, gluten-free, and fun as chips may be.

The snack in the accompanying photo is the delicious Saffron Road Wasabi Crunchy Chickpeas, which were recently on sale at Whole Foods. Even if you could somehow manage to down the entire 6-ounce bag in one sitting, you would have consumed a whopping 36 grams of protein and only 720 calories. Try that feat with a 6-ounce bag of chips.

These spicy crunchy chickpeas also provide benefits if you are snacking on them while working on a project at, say, your computer. If the project is detailed and requires your best efforts at concentration (like the manuscripts for various HIPAA compliance books and CDs that at least one vegan is editing and formatting for publication at Veterans Press here in Overland Park), these chickpeas will definitely keep you awake and focused. Two warnings: first, make sure that you have lots of water handy; second, make sure that you have tissues handy. You may need the tissues when you start tearing up and have trouble deciphering what is on your computer screen. You may also need the tissues because that wasabi can really help clean out your sinuses (which at least one vegan finds helpful here in Kansas in July).