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Spicing up Valentines Day with Saffron, the Herb that Makes People Happy

When people think about food and love, the first thing that comes to mind for many is chocolate. However, much better results are available with saffron, the herb that makes people happy. Saffron is the pistils of a particular strain of crocus. It turns things bright yellow/gold and has a subtle flavor.

Happy is a nice ingredient for romance. If you are a baby boomer, perhaps you remember the song "Mellow Yellow." It is about saffron. What tastes good with saffron? During a recent tour in Iran, I developed a love or saffron in ice cream with pistachios. I have not tried it, but saffron in honey with chopped pistachios would probably make a great topping for vanilla or a nut-based ice cream such as butter almond. Saffron also tastes good with chicken, particularly in a marinate for white meat. The Spanish use it in paella, a rice dish that includes seafood and chicken. You only need a few strands for two people. Saffron would be a good companion for walnuts, a food that helps people maintain a positive attitude and avoid depression.

Be careful about possible stains. Saffron is also used as a dye. Happy Valentines Day!

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