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Spice up Your Shower This Summer with Softsoap

NEW Limited Edition Summer Body Washes from Softsoap!

While winter months have us reveling in cinnamon and spice based scents, Summer is all about fresh, clean citrus notes that have us imagining we're on a white sand beach every time we shower. Thanks to the new limited edition summer body washes from Softsoap you can welcome summer into your home with every wash.

Softsoap's new summer body wash collection features two tantalizing scents, Rainforest Escape and Citrus Samba. If you're the type of person that really needs perking up in the morning then reach for the Citrus Samba body wash. This intoxicating blend of sweet orange and tangy citrus will awaken your senses and leave you smelling crisp and clean all day long. If you like a more mellow vibe to your suds then wash up with the cool, calming Rainforest Escape. This body wash option features the scents of coconut water and lime and will make you feel like you're about to step into the cool, blue ocean with every scrub.

Just like Summer these fabulous body washes are only available for a limited time. These scents will be on shelves at Walmart from the end of May through August. Hurry and grab your Softsoap limited edition summer body wash before the sun sets on this season!

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