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Spice up your savings at wholesale spice outlet on Cape Cod

Save money by buying spices in bulk at Atlantic Spice Company on Cape Cod.
Save money by buying spices in bulk at Atlantic Spice Company on Cape Cod.
Ellen Albanese

Atlantic Spice Company, a wholesale spice outlet on Cape Cod, offers deeply discounted prices on spices, coffee, tea, grains, and gourmet foods. Its vast inventory includes everyday seasonings as well as exotic and fun products, more than 250 herbs, spices, and baking and food items.

Looking for salt? Here you'll find sea salt, fleur de sel, Himalayan pink, and Bolivian rose. Oregano comes as Mediterranean cut, Mexican cut, powder, or whole. For an alternative to white rice, try quinoa, purple sticky rice, or Israeli couscous.

You can find botanicals such as flax seed, ginkgo leaf, and kelp granules, then buy clear gel capsules to make your own herbal remedies. Essential oils, reed diffusers, and potpourri items will keep your home smelling sweet. The shop also has an extensive selection of cookbooks, kitchen tools, and housewares.

The prices are rock bottom. I recently bought a single vanilla bean at a grocery store for $6. At Atlantic Spice, I purchased a package of five beans for $10.

But because it's a wholesale company, the larger packages yield the deepest discount. For example, 4 ounces of pure vanilla extract is $4.75 (not a bad deal), but 1 pint -- four times as much -- is $11.25.

The trick is to shop with a friend. Take a box of zipper-lock bags, buy the larger quantity, then split the product and the cost. Reuse your old spice containers or purchase inexpensive spice jars at the store.

If you can't get to the retail outlet at the intersection of Routes 6 and 6A in North Truro, you can order online.


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