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Spice up your meals with Outer Spice

The Outer Spice family of spice blends.
The Outer Spice family of spice blends.
courtesy of Outer Spice

If you’re somebody who’s always looking for extra flavor to shake on your food, you might want to try a blend called Outer Spice. You can get it in four different flavors, courtesy of Black River Trading Company in Austin, Texas.

Two of the four flavors contain no salt. The other two are low in salt. The original blend combines Himalaya pink sea salt, garlic, black pepper, onion, allspice, nutmeg, thyme, scallions, red pepper, onion powder, peppers, cinnamon, dill, caraway and spices. You can use it in cooking or add it at the table. Rub it into your tofu or shake atop your vegetables. It makes an unusual popcorn topping. You’ll get some bites where dill, caraway and garlic seem the strongest, and others that are sweet with nutmeg, allspice or cinnamon.

Company founder Ben Stevens got interested in the medicinal power of spice while recuperating from a bout of food poisoning. He became so enthusiastic that he traveled to meet with growers and began drying his own spices at home. Black River Trading Company pledges to follow fair labor practices and to be involved with spice-growing communities in a positive way. Outer Spice is organic and gluten-free. It's ground and made in small batches.

A half-teaspoon of the original low-salt version contains 95 mg of sodium. Outer Spice also comes in spicy, low-salt, and original and spicy no salt versions. You can buy it at select Whole Foods or online.