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Spice up your exercise

Spice up your exercise. Treadmills.....boring!!!!!!!
Spice up your exercise. Treadmills.....boring!!!!!!!
Photo by Handout/The FA via Getty Images

Staying in shape never goes out of style and has enormous benefits for your physical and mental health. Fact.

However, if you’ve been exercising for any length of time, exercise can get boring. That’s true even for fitness professionals. Hard to believe, right?

The fitness universe is constantly changing, and staying up to date becomes extremely important. This is why fitness professionals love conventions.

None are bigger and brighter than Idea World Fitness Convention 2014 in Anaheim, California.

Here on Examiner, some of the presenters have taken time out of their busy schedules to discuss the innovations that are featured at Idea World Fitness Convention 2014.

1. Get more from your core- Activmotion Bar

Robert Sherman- Activmotion Bar Master Trainer

“Disruptive Training with the Activmotion Bar is an innovative, yet simplistic program design of building more efficient movement patterns and increasing muscle activation using rolling weights inside a bar.

“You will immediately feel and hear the weight rolling inside the Activmotion Bar, creating a necessity for muscle to react to move efficiently. You will learn how to activate, integrate and react to changing force and be able to target core strength, overall balance and total body strength.

“Using the ActivMotion Bar will immediately increase the quality, control and strength in your body and you will be able to do more with less effort.” Says Robert Sherman.

Sold? Find out more right here.

2. Start paddling - Stand Up Paddle boarding

Brody Welte- Owner / Inventor

“PaddleFit is a stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and outdoor fitness coaching program. We offer SUP lessons, SUP technique and fitness classes on both land and water.

“Our program is run through our 1000 coaches from 14 different countries that have gone through our educational program.

“If you have access to a PaddleFit coach, then you can go and take a PaddleFit Basic class that will introduce you to the sport of SUP and then you will be able to take some of the fitness classes.

“Getting outside is the best way to mix up your fitness routine and stand up paddling is a great full body workout” says Brody.

Now, that is thinking outside the gym. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to show off your guns.

Sun’s out, guns out.

3. Mind body connection- The Halo

Bob Andersen- Merrithew Health & Fitness™

“The Halo Trainer is a versatile, friction-fitting piece of equipment that can be used with or without a Stability Ball™ to regress and progress basic exercises which makes it a perfect tool for elite exercisers, the active aging population as well as for rehabilitation.

“Halo Trainer is simple and intuitive to use with its ergonomic handlebars ensure you will have proper wrist alignment and it provides great support while in motion.

“The great thing with the Halo Trainer is that it focuses on the quality of movement and also emphasizes the mind-body connection.

By working the mind and body in tandem, exercisers will have a greater sense of awareness and presence through their motions – it’s a concept that should be applied to every single workout for better results, added safety and injury prevention,” says Bob Andersen.

Staying in shape just became fun.

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