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‘Spice of Life with Bal Arneson’ goes ‘Rock Climbing’ on Cooking Channel

Last night’s episode of “Spice of Life with Bal Arneson,” was titled “Rock Climbing.” Bal Arneson is a chef, cookbook author, teacher and a mother, who knows how well spice adds to her cooking, but she also makes sure to add some spice to her life as well, as this episode proves.

Bal Arneson host of Spice of Life with Bal Arneson
Cooking Channel

As the episode begins, Bal is making breakfast for Anoop and Aaron, and is dressed in workout clothes, because she has an active day. She is making a power breakfast today of Cream Cheese filled French Toast flavored with the flavors of fennel, clove and cardamom topped with Cherry Salsa. Yum!

After breakfast, she took Anoop to The Rockwall Climbing Gym, for indoor rock climbing. Anoop believes that indoor rock climbing is for kids. So they met Terry, Bal’s friend who owns the place, to see if Anoop can keep up with her mother. When Anoop challenges her mother, Bal is ready for the challenge and won. Because they both did such a good job, the guide at the gym suggested they took it outdoors.

As they both agreed, they would do outdoor rock climbing, they started having second thoughts. With no mats to fall down on, was it such a great idea after all? So with the next day planned, Bal and Anoop made a dinner to give them the super powers and courage they needed to perform the next day’s task. Making Grilled Chicken with Creamy Corn Risotto, she had Anoop's help, so they both had the courage for the next day’s endeavor. The grilled chicken was rubbed in several spices that had to smell wonderful. She grilled the corn and put it in the risotto. The meal looked so delicious, and Aaron enjoyed the food, although he was apprehensive, because his sister helped make the meal.

The next day, Bal and Anoop went outdoor rock climbing, so she made a lunch to bring with them. Delicious Grilled Steak Wrap with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce to be their reward when they reached the top of the mountain. They met their guide, Ryan, who gave them the instructions and set them up with the proper gear. Ryan was adorable and Bal was immediately trying to set them up. She told him that Anoop just returned from Africa where she was working for three months at an orphanage, and is studying International Law in her second year. Now that both Ryan and Anoop were feeling awkward, the lesson proceeded. As Ryan climbed up first, and did it effortlessly. Bal went next, followed by Anoop, as Ryan watched from above, they both made it without falling. On the top of the mountain, the three had a wonderful lunch of the wraps. Ryan loved the lunch too as Bal’s hopes came true, as Ryan and Anoop seemed to hit if off. Suddenly, the realization of how to get down dawned on Bal on this episode of “Spice of Life with Bal Arneson.”

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