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Sperm switched: Woman horrified after learning ex-con is the father of her child

Sperm switched story update: A Utah couple received the shock of their lives after they discovered that a convicted felon working at a fertility clinic fathered their daughter. The couple, identified only as "Jeff" and "Paula" to protect their identities, underwent artificial insemination back in the early 90s when the sperm switch occurred. According to a Jan. 10 report from the Salt Lake City Tribune, after having doubts about her daughter's true paternity, Paula went to a website that enabled one to discover their “ancestral origins and lineage with a personalised analysis of your DNA.”

Her suspicions were confirmed when they got the results back and made the horrific discovery that their now 21-year-old daughter, "Ashley," did not share any DNA whatsoever with Jeff. After some investigation, Paula learned that the biological father was an employee at Midvale’s Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc.

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The now deceased Thomas R. Lippert, who served a sentence for the kidnapping of one of his students at Purdue University, worked from 1988 to 1993 at the fertility clinic where the intentional sperm switching took place, Huffington Post reports.

Lippert's cousin, Cheryl, told the family about her relative and Paula distinctively recalled seeing him at the clinic.

“I remember that he was at the front desk a lot of the time,” Paula said.

She also stated that Lippert had an extensive collection of baby pictures behind his desk.

"He seemed friendly and was very proud of all those pictures. It almost seemed like a brag board up there, those were the children that he had helped people have," she told media sources.

The family of Lippert warns that there may be other children he secretly fathered. However, since he is now dead, this may forever remain a mystery.

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