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Sperm switched: Mother devastated to learn father of child may not be husband

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A sperm switched nightmare has left one mother devastated this week, having learned that her husband might not be the biological father of her child following an artificial insemination procedure mishap back in 1991. The University of Utah is looking into the serious matter after “credible information” on a potential mistake of bodily material was brought to their attention recently. MSN News shares what knowledge is known on this possible mix-up this Friday, Jan. 10, 2014.

According to an official statement from the University of Utah (via a Reuters report) on having the sperm switched:

"Through genetic testing, a woman who received artificial insemination in 1991 discovered the biological father of her child was not her husband, as she had assumed.”

Now, the school is examining the claims of a woman from a Salt Lake City health clinic that she was successfully inseminated with a man’s sperm decades ago, but the sperm was from a lab employee, not from her husband. The mother is said to be devastated if she officially learns her child is not the biological offspring of she and her husband.

“The school released a statement saying no records remained at the now-closed lab, Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc, to prove the devastated mother's claim, and that the part-time employee died in 1999. As such, while discovery of this distraught mother’s allegations may still be possible, they will be much more difficult.”

At this point in time, a spokesperson for the University of Utah noted this Friday in her statement that the school will not be commenting more on the issue. The individual added that the university was not in formal operations or ownership of the genetic material lab, and only had a contract with it during semen analysis and specimen research.

Here is the school’s full statement on having the possible sperm switched over 20 years ago in the contracted lab:

"Through genetic testing, a woman who received artificial insemination in 1991 discovered the biological father of her child was not her husband, as she had assumed," the university statement said. "She traced the genetics of her child to a man who was a former employee of a now-defunct medical lab, Reproductive Medical Technologies Inc."

The university does not know how this troubling incident may have occurred, yet noted that that here is no proof at the moment that the issue might have affected any other couples or their children.

The shocking sperm switched case is now under official investigation.

“The clinic noted it was offering free paternity testing for women who received artificial insemination at RMTI or at the adjacent university-owned lab between 1988 and 1993.”



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