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Sperm donor child support: Misstep costs man more than he bargained for

A sperm donor child support case concluded Wednesday when a judge ruled against the man who thought he was exempt from providing financial assistance as a father. William Marotta of Topeka, Kan. donated sperm to a lesbian couple after responding to an online ad.

Marotta fathered a child born to one of the women and he was ordered to make child support payments, ABC News reports Jan. 23 that Shawnee County District Court Judge Mary Mattivi based her decision off the fact that Marotta did not do things by the book -- nor did the couple. This sperm donor is ordered to pay child support because none of the parties followed the necessary steps by having a licensed doctor administer the artificial insemination process. This meant Marotta did not qualify as a sperm donor. Although he "waived" his parental rights, the legalities of the process were not properly followed.

"In this case, quite simply, the parties failed to perform to statutory requirement of the Kansas Parentage Act in not enlisting a licensed physician at some point in the artificial insemination process, and the parties' self-designation of (Marotta) as a sperm donor is insufficient to relieve (Marotta) of parental right and responsibilities to the child," Mattivi wrote.

The sperm donor child support battle began in Oct. 2012 and went through a number of channels to reach the point that it did. This will definitely make sperm donors more cautious before agreeing to father a child via artificial insemination if they do not want to be financially responsible for the baby they help bring into the world.

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