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Sperm Competition Syndrome : Wife Sharing and a Cuckold Relationship

Sperm Competition Syndrome: Wife Sharing and Cuckolding
Sperm Competition Syndrome: Wife Sharing and Cuckolding

Wife sharing or cuckolding is one of the most common fantasies among men that increase the chances of sperm competition syndrome. The secret behind this competition is that when a person watches his wife having sex with some other person in his presence an instinct starts developing in his mind and a sexual attraction towards his own wife starts increasing. In such a condition if he has sex with his wife then he may take longer and experience intense orgasms.

The reason it turns on so many millions and theoretically billions of men around the world like to watch their wife have sex with another man is quite simple and biological. Sperm competition syndrome is triggered when a man or other primate sees his partner with another man, is told of it, or just suspects it. It can even occur when he is absent from her for the briefest period of time.

It has been proved through various researches that the sperm count in the men, who share their wives sexually with other persons, increase considerably. This intense sexual pleasure can be enjoyed by the people who are interested in a cuckolding relationship. This feeling of sexual enhancement encourages a feel of competition, popularly known as sperm competition syndrome, between the two or more individuals having sex with the same woman in wife sharing relationship.

In fact sperm competition is a term used to define the process of fertilizing an egg of a single woman through the sperms of two or more persons. This type of competition usually occurs when a woman is interested in a wife sharing relationship with multiple male partners. Chances of producing children increase more effectively for the women who comes into sexual relationships with a variety of mates. But normally a woman gets into a sexual relationship with multiple mates only if her husband or single partner is not potent enough to let her produce children.

Therefore sperm competition syndrome evolves like a pressure on such people which compels them to adapt with more male mates for their wives to produce children successfully. This conflicting situation between male and female sexual relationship results in wife sharing relationship as well as increase in sperm competition. Some of the males use various tactics to reduce the tendency of their females for mating with other males like mating plugs, toxic seminal substances and mate-guarding etc. to avoid the situation of sperm competition. On the other hand some cope with the situation of sperm competition by using aggressive tactics like removing the sperm of other persons before mating with their wife.

Hence sperm competition syndrome resembles with having raffle tickets as a male who has more tickets or sperm to inseminate the female has more chances to win the raffle. But the success in sperm competition depends upon the potential of a person to produce sperms in large size and numbers which is not easy for an individual. On the other hand the overuse of sperms by sharing them with many women to increase the chances of winning raffles can reduce the size and number of their sperms. So they should be able to produce sperms at faster rate to fertilize females in their sexual contact to win the competition. But if that would have been possible then there was no need of getting into wife sharing relationship.

In this way there is deep relationship between wife sharing and sperm competition syndrome as both of them are interrelated. It is not uncommon for couples to become members of cuckolding and hotwifing sites like SwingLifeStyle.

In closing, wife sharing and cuckolding can be fun but make sure both partners are on board and remember sperm competition syndrome can be quite common.