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Spending Sunday at Auto Club Dragway.

Base Camp.
Base Camp.
Donald Kline

While the Marathon Runners were getting ready in Los Angeles other people were sixty miles east in Fontana at Auto Club Dragway getting ready to make runs down the quarter mile strip. Which took place on a warm March Sunday. While the racers were going through their inspections for safety and proper documentation I made my way over the to do my version of tech, sign in and get a wrist band which allows me access to the staging area for some up close photography. Of course just like the racers I have rules I need to abide by of which I have no problem with that, the track officials just want everyone to be safe.

Motorcycles waiting their turn to run the track.
Donald Kline

There were four groups waiting their turns to roll into the burn out box and run the quarter mile, there were all kinds of machines racing. Imports like Honda,Toyota, Mitsubishi and Mazdas running up against Chevys, Fords and Dodges. There was even a flatbed pickup taking some runs down the track.
The motorcycle action was show unto itself, there were Suzuki Hayabusas all set up for drag racing, Hondas, Yamaha a couple of Triumph and a couple of staffers from Motorcyclist Magazine testing a Aprilia Tuono and a KTM Super Duke and a few riders just bringing their street bikes to the track. I was very fortunate to watch my friend Richard Hartline run the track for the first time on his Harley-Davidson Sportster and race against his friends Yamaha Road Warrior. He and a few of his friends had a table, tent and grill set up in the pit area and I was able to use that sort of a base camp. Between runs I was able to find some shade and review my photos and notes.
The estimates I heard were that about four hundred people showed up Street Legal Drag Racing is getting to be popular and the reopening of the track has seen a lot attendance in the few weeks it has been open.
Setting up a car or bike for racing can be pricey, but racing at the track only costs twenty dollars to race a vehicle and spectators can get in for ten dollars that less than a movie and popcorn and the entertainment is live and once it gets going very fast as soon as one set of vehicles is heading down the track another pair is coming up to the lights, and it is varied, you might see a Corvette run against a Dodge pickup track or a bike run against a Mustang. For the most part Motorcycle run up against other motorcycles, and if you chose you are allowed to run against someone of your choosing.
The next round Street Legal Drags is scheduled for April 10, 2014.
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