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Spending money wisely

Money as in any situation can help or hinder you as a group. Money decisions should be voted on by all parties it affects. Typically as a group just starting out, I suggest keeping a separate group fund that is only spent on things that benefit the group as a whole such as fliers, posters, or cds. If you play instruments or use stage gear you might want to vote for the use of the money to upkeep your equipment mostly due to the fact that different instruments require a vastly different upkeep costs. Maybe one of your members drives a particularly long way for rehearsal or regularly incurs hauling costs, consider exceptions for things like this. Sometimes (not all the time) a little bit of consideration about these things can keep tensions from rising beyond a critical point.
Outside of internal issues, money is a tool to be used to accomplish certain goals. If you as a performer or band have more time logged in doing online promotion than playing live consider purchasing a digital distribution or online promotion package. Where if you were playing live on regular basis, some banners or physical cds would probably make more sense.
Look at the most cost affective way to do things, but keep quality in mind. If ever in doubt... hire a professional.

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