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Spending Memorial Day in a Sierra campground

The American Flag and the California Flag honoring California Vetrans.
Sidney Drabkin

The flames from the campfire were jumping higher and higher; meanwhile, we waited until the flames died down before we put the coffee pot on the hot coals. It was hot during the day when we arrived at the campsite, but when the sun went down we put on our coats or sweaters.

We were going to spend Memorial Day at a campground in Pinecrest, California: 160-miles from the San Francisco Bay Area. It was the first chance we had, in years, to get away from the Bay Area and up into the California's Sierras.

It only took about twenty minutes for the coffee to be ready. We each took our coffee, sat down in camp chairs, and logs that we used for the fire. We came to relax, to do some fishing, horseback riding, and to go swimming in the lake.

Other people were up here , in the area, to open their cabins, which they do every year. Memorial Day weekend is the time of the year where cabin owners come up to open their cabins, clean the cabins, and to do any repairs before the summer season starts.

Many people stay home, go to church, and visit cemeteries to honor veterans who died protecting the United States. After visiting church and the cemeteries, the families meet and have a barbecue and remember the family member who died in a war or talk about the time they spent in the service.

In other words, people have their own way of celebrating Memorial Day.

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