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Spending Increase from visitors to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Harpers Ferry National Historical park
Harpers Ferry National Historical park

The economic impact of travelers visiting the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia and specifically to Harpers Ferry National Historical Park increased according to the most recent National Park study called “The economic contributions of local communities, states and the nation”. The study was conducted by Cullinane Thomas, C.C. Huber and L. Koontz and reflects visitor spending in all the national parks in 2012. The report was just released.

The 2012 study said visitor spending at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in Harpers Ferry and its environs amounted to almost $12 million. The report showed the park had 263,105 visitors. The park also generated 168 jobs in the region.

The previous study, conducted in 2011, study said the park had 255,348 visitors in 2011 with spending in excess of $10 million and generated 135 regional jobs.

The park is most famous for the John Brown raid of 1859, but also was an important federal gun factory for the United States in the early years of the country. The federal arsenal produced over 600,000 firearms and its armorers are credited with inventing the process of interchangeable parts. Its location at the convergence of two major rivers was the original idea of George Washington.

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