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Spend Your Next Holiday at The Broadmoor in Colorado

Bright lights add to Christmas excitement around the lake at The Broadmoor.
Bright lights add to Christmas excitement around the lake at The Broadmoor.
The Broadmoor

For Thanksgiving, my husband and I abandoned our usual plans for a romantic vacation that was incomparable for holiday enjoyment. We ditched the frantic cooking and cleaning and opted instead for a memorably serene Thanksgiving vacation at the beautiful and historic Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Holiday Lights at The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs
The Broadmoor


Few hotels match the welcome you’ll feel when you check in at The Broadmoor. We were warmly greeted by three different staff members from our car to the front desk. Check-in went quickly and smoothly, followed by a golf cart ride to the West Tower.


The Broadmoor is a historic and varied property consisting of a main building, the West Tower, the Cottages, and the Brownstones. This variety will allow you to choose ideal accommodations for your needs, from a family friendly home away from home to a spacious room for two.

Our Intermediate West Tower room was beautifully decorated in a traditional way that suits the property. Intermediate rooms have little extras I appreciate like a vanity table and a large closet for luggage. The room and bathroom featured niceties like a great deal of marble and lots of soft seating. Important hotel room staples like a wonderfully comfortable bed and a coffee maker (with coffee and hot cider) were present as well.


We brought our youngest son to take a tour of The Broadmoor before he left to spend the weekend with other family. The hotel inspired him to begin writing a short mystery which he left for us to find later. If this nine year old’s budding writing career ends up being prompted by The Broadmoor, I’ll be sure to give the hotel due credit when I write about it years from now.

The main hotel buildings surround a lovely pond with a picturesque bridge spanning its width. The West Tower is accessed by roads (a bus shuttle is available and warm), but more easily by a chauffeured golf cart. This is the fun way to get around! Once settled, take a stroll and watch the graceful ducks, like my husband and I did. The birds are a key factor in the overall peaceful feeling of The Broadmoor.

The hotel has a collection of 26 upscale shops located around the hotel. I particularly liked the boutique pet shop and children’s apparel and toy shop. They were even open on Thanksgiving Day for a bit of casual shopping after the big meal.


Thanksgiving morning began with a quick stop at the on-site coffee shop for pastries. Then, we were off to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the hotel’s movie theater. Despite the early hour, there were both couples and families enjoying the festive atmosphere. After the conclusion of the Macy’s parade, we toured the hotel just to see all the holiday decorations. The West Tower lobby (my favorite lobby because it is never crowded and always warm) was decked out in garlands, a Christmas tree and a menorah. In the lobby’s fountain, pennies spelled out the words, “Will you marry me?” What a great idea! I hope she said yes.

In the main building, the staff built a walk-in closet sized gingerbread house. I heard talk of Santa being there at some point, but didn’t get to see him myself, unfortunately. (I had stuff to talk to him about). The gingerbread house was intricately detailed in candies and frosting. The care the creators took to be sure it was perfect impressed me and my husband.


At noon on Thanksgiving Day, it was finally time to eat! Our table in the event space was near the window, overlooking the grounds. A grand buffet was set with delicious food that stretched on and on, peppered with edible art such as chocolate sculptures. Turkey and stuffing are just fine, but they never wow me. I prefer oysters and shrimp cocktail. They may not be traditional holiday fare, but I’ll take them over the usual any day. The buffet my husband and I chose (out of several holiday dining options) aimed to please traditionalists and free spirits alike, by featuring everything you’d expect to see at Mom’s table, plus the menu of an upscale restaurant. It was delicious, romantic and David and I loved every minute of it.


Book your room! Think ahead for the holidays next year and get a reservation well in advance. There’s no need to wait, though, this is a great hotel for a getaway at any time of the year.

For more information on The Broadmoor or to book a stay, please visit their website.

Examiner’s Note: Many thanks to Allison Scott, the Director of Communications for The Broadmoor for arranging the visit. I appreciate your invaluable help!!

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