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Spend Valentine's weekend at a speculative fiction convention


ConDFW, February 12-14, 2010 (from the official ConDFW site)

Looking for something different to do that you've probably never done on Valentine's Day weekend? How about attending the ninth ConDFW convention at the Crowne Plaza Suites in Dallas? This year's Guests of Honor are writers Jack McDevitt, whose new book Time Traveler's Never Die which came out last Novembe and Elizabeth Moon who has a book coming out in March called Oath of Fealty, and artist/sculptor Vincent Villafranca!

If you've never been to a convention like this you might be wondering what you can expect. In addition to authors signing their books and artists drawing sketches there are plenty of panels. Some panels are a variety of the authors conducting readings from their books and/or short stories; novels vs. the short story; aspiring writers panel; interstellar archaeology; how to start a story; reality holes: errors in research; costuming; how to draw (young adult); fandom Pictionary; how to write for the young adult market; 3DMax art; and many other panels on how to sell, write, research and specific panels on mystery, urban fantasy, sci-fi, supernatural romance, fantasy, etc. It's only $35 for a three-day adult pass.

Author Elizabeth Moon (photo from Moon's official website)

There will also be a musical performance by The Starcruisers as well as Filk performances, an art show that will have art available for purchase, the annual book swap, and a dealer's room, of course, where you can go broke buying more books than you can carry in addition to music CDs, jewelry, T-shirts, costumes, the Celestial Starburst costume contest and more.

Otherworldly Procession sculpture by Vincent Villafranca (from his official website)

There will also be a lot of gaming going on, as usual. Some, but not all, of the games that will be present at this year's event include:  Classic Battletech, Dr. Who wargame, Battlestar Galactica boardgame, Starcraft boardgame, Galaxy Trucker, Descent, Shadows Over Camelot,
Zombies!!!, Power Grid, Runebound, Talisman, Race for the Galaxy and Railroad Tycoon.

Some of the other guests who will be appearing are Artists David Cherry and Brad W. Foster. A handful of the many writers who will be on hand include Rachel Caine, Selina Rosen, Chris & Linda Donahue, Julia S. Mandala, Rie Sheridan Rose, Rhonda Eudaly, Teresa Patterson, Dusty Rainbolt, Tracy S. Morris, Bradley H.  & Sue Sinor, C. Dean Anderson, Nina Romberg, John Steakley, Angeline Hawkes, Christopher Fulbright, Robert Stikmanz, P.N. Elrod, William Ledbetter, Gloria Oliver, Lee Martindale, Mel Fletcher and that's only about half the list.

For more info: Due to the impending weather some authors may not make it to the show. Keep an eye on the official ConDFW website for news and cancellations. The event is 


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