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Spend a Nostalgic Day at Log House Antiques

Log House Antiques Hooksett NH
Log House Antiques Hooksett NH
Virginia Sue Murphy

Just a few miles outside of Manchester is a unique and well stocked antique store that will whirl you forever into the world of antiquing. Log House Antique Center at 1158 Hooksett Road in Hooksett , just a mile or so south of the Imax Theater is a trip down memory lane and a great way to spend an afternoon. Seemingly a cross between an antique store and a yard sale, there are plenty of memorable items and heirlooms to pique the interest of anyone even on the most boring and uneventful New England winter day.

Owner Mike O'Donnell opened the 15,000 square foot business in 2008, boasting 150 dealers and proclaims it to be  "the largest antique store in Southern NH," according to the company website. Like an old New Hampshire country store, the floor boards creak a  little going upstairs and help create that back-in-time feeling.

Nostalgia items and collectibles are kept in sections in the two floor building, with each of the dealers maintaining a given space. Items from several decades include house wares, toys, books, records, old photos and paintings, tools, jewelry and so much more!  As you peruse through the offerings you may find yourself reliving memories long forgotten.

Items found on a recent trip include: a large stained glass window, antique furniture, a ravioli roller, jewelry from many different eras, a railway sign made of wrought iron, a box containing real silver ware, and other yet unnamed items of interest. All collectibles are for sale and merchandise and displays change frequently.

For a special treat, check out the sailors' valentines. The story behind these artful creations is that they were made by sailors away at sea for many months for their sweethearts at home. Entirely made of tiny seashells and quite beautiful, they are in a glass case on the first floor and are a must-see on your trip.

In addition to the showrooms, there are auctions held at the Log House. The next one is scheduled for Sunday, January 31st  starting at 12 PM. The website also advertises a two day sale coming up, with free food and hourly prize giveaways on February 6 & 7. For more info, visit their website at


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