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Spend a morning with the bunnies at Long Beach City College

Toddlers will delight in feeding the bunnies at Long Beach City College
Toddlers will delight in feeding the bunnies at Long Beach City College
Courtesy of Heather Skille

In the mood for some unique, outdoorsy fun that both you and your toddler will enjoy?  If so, then grab a head of lettuce or a bundle of carrots, a few quarters for the meters and get ready for a hands-on animal experience that will leave your little buddy squealing with delight.

Over at the Liberal Arts Campus of Long Beach City College, located off of Carson and Clark, there is an enormous wild rabbit population.  While there are staff members that fill feeding dishes with rabbit food, there is nothing they like more than pieces of lettuce and chunks of fresh carrots.

When you arrive at the college, be sure to park in the metered spots found in the main parking lots.  As soon as you step foot on the campus, you will most likely be greeted by many friendly, and hungry, bunnies.  

Explain to your tot that while some of these bunnies used to be pets, they are now considered wild animals.  Show her how to break off some veggies and toss them near the clusters of bunnies.  Never attempt to pet, or pick up, any of the rabbits.  Instead, sit with your child and observe their eating habits.  Talk about the tiny nibbles that the bunnies take, and how they always like to be in small groups.  See how many different colors of rabbits you can find.  Do bunnies of the same color like to stay together or are the families made up of all types of colors?

Long Beach City College is a beautiful campus, full of large open spaces and of course, many, many bunnies.  Get your tot out there, running around and getting in touch with a little bit of city wildlife.

Visit the Long Beach City College website for driving directions.


  • Jen L. 5 years ago

    What a nice idea! Cheap, fun, educational, and teaches compassion towards animals. Love it! Besides, bunnies in cages are a pitiful sight. It's much better for a child to see them as nature intended: running free. :-)

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