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Spend a hour with Orson Welles and his two horrifying radio shows

Go back in time and listen to some classic radio shows with the great actor himself, Orson Welles. Welles and his radio performances are just as good as his movies. The internet is a treasure trove of classic radio shows that you can find and legally download for free. There are many chilling ones out there like "Suspense," "Lights Out,""Inner Sanctum, "Nightfall," etc well I've searched for some good horror ones with Mr. Welles.

1. "Dracula"

Did you know that Orson Welles was Dracula once? For radio that is. The actor in 1938 performed for Mercury Theatre on Air (he also created it) as Dracula and Dr. John Seward. It was also the first radio program to air for Mercury Theatre, it was before the famous "The War of the Worlds" one too. This was produced in July 11. Elizabeth Fuller, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins, and Karl Swenson were also in the radio production. You can download this from Archive.

2. "The Hitch-hiker"

"The Hitch-hiker," aired on September 2, 1942 on the radio program, Suspense. The story was written by Lucille Fletcher, and "Twilight Zone" fans might remember a story like this on the program, though Sterling's version is a little different than the original. If you like a good ghost story, then listen to this one. You can listen to this on YouTube or you can get it on Archive.

So these two stories are roughly around an hour. Welles and his voice is perfect for these two creepy tales, one about an immortal vampire, the other about a man that is haunted by a ghastly man. So while working or just relaxing plug in some headphones and enjoy these two tales from your computer. It's a modern take on a vintage idea.

Do you like listening to Old Time Radio? What's your favorite program? Please share your thoughts!

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