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Spencer and Bast debunk '97% consensus' on global warming

Roy Spencer and Joseph Bast debunked the climate change myth that 97% of all scientists believe in man made global warming. Their Wall Street Journal article exposes the facts surrounding the so called surveys that proposed, nay declared, a bogus 97% consensus among scientists.

Real data show that the world has not warmed in more than 17 years, disputing the questionable '97% consensus' of scientists who say that it is.
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The pair poked holes in the publicly held fiction and described how the myth grew from misinformation. They evidenced how so called “surveys” of scientists were skewed and conducted by people determined to get a predetermined outcome. Polling for purpose makes for desired results, not facts.

The surveys were structured to frame questions so indistinctly that everyone would agree to the answers. Furthering the picture, agenda-driven amateurs were hired to sift through scientific papers and determine authors’ leanings from abstracts that said nothing about those leanings. Key word searches were conducted that guaranteed delivery of the desired results, which were then picked up and mythologized by politicians, such as Obama and Kerry, with their own agendas.

Bona fide surveys conducted by more independent bodies such as the American Meteorological Society show that only a minority believe that global warming is dangerous or caused by humans. But, such surveys seldom receive public dissemination or media attention, as the MSM is heavily invested in hyping the climate change narrative.

House Republicans speak the voice of the people. The video shows their recognizing the need to develop a theory that supports the facts rather than the hype. They want to see sound science that's truthful rather than science determined by liberal perspective.

As for the science, scientific discovery bases itself on theory which is verified or falsified by experimental data. If the data don’t match reality, the theory is thrown out and others postulated, experimented upon, and compared to what actually happens. Never do real scientists make scientific discoveries by popular opinion or agreement by peers, scientific or otherwise.

The seeming 97% agreement of scientists expounding the “fact” of global warming bases itself on agenda-driven experts invested in keeping the concept alive. Their findings report misinformation, skewed interpretation, cherry-picked data, expressions of agreement taken out of context, and false predictions.

The interest of such experts lies more in keeping their jobs of position in academia, government, federal agencies, crony capitalist enterprises, and high scientific advisorships. All lose their livelihoods the moment global warming is exposed as a myth.

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