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Spells That Don't Work!

Sometimes spells don't work and there are many for that. Spell's succeed when you follow their formula and the favor of the God/desses through your good and ethical intent. Spells don't work when you want to use them to serve an uneththe ical agenda. Sometimes a spell can fail also because the God/desses know more about the situation more than you do. Following the magical principle of repetition, you may need to cast the same spell more than once. Stop your spell when you get a feeling of certainty that it has taken hold. Afterward, you will see the results for yourself in the changes that occur in the situation.

There are rules that need to be followed when doing spell work. Wrap yourself in the bewitching beauty of the olde religion. Craft rites make you bloom. Practicing magic teaches you to think for yourself. Don't reserve spells as a means of last resort. Integrate magic into your daily life. If at all possible erect an altar in each of the four directions to help you work with the fundamental elements of matter. To know a thing is to master it. No matter what subject it is. Decorate each altar with any corresponding things you can find in nature.

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