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Spellbinding: Tales of Valentine's day magic

Valentine's Day is drawing near and picking out the perfect gift can be complicated. Celebrity Master Magician, T.A. Hamilton has some tricks up his sleeve for you to make some real Valentine’s magic for that special someone. Here are 5 reasons why to have this celebrity magician surprise your valentine this year.

Celebrity Master Magician and Motivational Speaker, T.A. Hamilton
T.A. Hamilton Magic Productions
Magic of love
T.A. Hamilton Magic Productions

5). Why do the ordinary, predictable, standard for Valentine’s Day when you can conjure up some real magic with T.A. Hamilton delivering the extraordinary.

4). Dial up the romance with a professional magician weaving a romantic tale to your sweetheart while performing an illusion about how your love comes together to form one inseparable bond joined together by devotion.

3). Imagine the office envy as a professional magician appears at your sweetheart’s work place and begins performing an illusion

2). Hamilton allows you to give your sweetie a gift that shows true thoughtfulness that will be treasured forever.

1). Hamilton will make this Valentine’s the most passionate, romantic, dreamy day for your beloved. Hamilton will make you the romantic hero of your own love story.

Hamilton will also deliver any personalized gift that you may have in addition to his performance. Conjure up some magic this Valentine’s Day instead of the usual standbys of flowers, candy and balloons give your love something that they will never ever forget. Hamilton gives the gift of enchantment, fairy-tale like charm and Victorian romance to create a “Wonder Full” Valentine’s Day.

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