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Speedway is back in San Bernardino.

Speeway racer at the starting line.
Speeway racer at the starting line.
Donald Kline

Pirate Speedway’s season opener kicked off this past Friday and there was a lot of activity as racers and mechanics signed in, got their pit areas and racing bikes setup for the upcoming races.
Robin McConnell was busy with the signing in part Shawn McConnell was running around making sure the track was ready.
Speedway for those who are unfamiliar are small lightweight racing bikes that come in various sizes with 250cc and 500cc being the most common, young children learning to race on small dirt bikes, the Speedway bikes run no brakes.
The racing consists of heats for each class and the winner(s) of the heats transfer to the Main race and the winner of that race is the nights champion for that class.
At Pirate Speedway the track is dirt oval 1/8th mile is size, and is constantly tended to by the staff and owners.
For those who come as guests and/or fans they can get very close to the action the grandstands are close enough so you get dirt thrown on you if are at certain spots.
Food is available as is a bar. Souvenirs, t-shirts and other items are available at the Swag Shack.
The racing is on Friday nights with the races starting around 8:00 p.m.
Located at 930 South Arrowhead (at Central Avenue) in San Bernardino.
The website for schedule information and rates is
Their facebook page is active and you usually find information and pictures there from the races as well as updates on the track.
You can find their page here:

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