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Speedskater's selfie with Putin gets overkill of backlash from LBGT community

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A selfie with Putin is not a welcomed sight on Twitter and Canadian speedskater Brittany Schussler found that out the hard way when she posted a selfie with her and Putin. Jokingly the speedskater wrote “I should have asked him to be my Valentine," which was nothing more than a light-hearten quip her backers report, according to Fox Sports on Feb. 17.

The backlash from the LBGT community prompted Schussler to take that selfie down. Putin and the Russian government’s open disdain for the gay community is what fuels the LBGT groups to boycott Putin any time they can. After Putin visited both Canada and the U.S. athletes over the weekend, another round of criticism hit the online world aimed at both countries for allowing Putin’s visit.

The criticism for the young speedskater was harsh and really not fair to the young girl who came to Sochi after much hard work. One commenter called her “an idiot” and said she was “an embarrassment to Canada.” It was cruel to try and take the glory out of all her hard work to get to Sochi by bombarding her with deplorable tweets.

Schussler took the picture down and wrote:

“lt was only a joke + I never want to offend anyone so there's no harm in deleting it. I believe everyone should live their lives freely.”

Unfortunately for Schussler, the damage was already done, but hopefully those folks who bombarded her with nasty comments can realize she made a mistake and apparently sees the error of her ways. She didn't mean to insult anyone.