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Speed, Stability, Security: Google Chrome is the Web's Shiny New Object of Affection


Ok, so it's like a deja vu experience of years past.  IBM dominated the computer hardware market, Microsoft ruled the software operating system niche and Apple was quietly teaching kids in school what kind of equipment they would want to use when they 'grew up'....  and Google wasn't even a real word yet.  Now, fast forward to 2010; IBM now lives on business consulting and has resurrected its brand, Microsoft is looking like IBM did before its demise and Apple is the spunky kid in the neighborhood that is turning heads and making its mark on the tech market and industry.... 

And Google?  Well, they've got the Midas Touch, are led by the tech-savvy, forward looking and shrewd Eric Schmidt, and currently appear to be one of tech industry's strongest competitors and are shaping the way we communicate, share and use information.  Their flagship web browser (and soon to be Operating System), Chrome, has quickly become a very polished, productive and pleasant interface to the web.  It continues to gain momentum and even sports many features that Firefox and Internet Explorer do not. 

Google Chrome sports nifty integration features with other popular web tools like YouTube, Voice, Docs, IM and Dictionary.  Additionally, it is fast....  very fast, and pretty much eliminates that frustrating experience we have all come to know and hate...  the dreaded 'crash', where you lose all your browsing tabs and history.  It just doesn't exist any more.  Oh yeah, it's also extensively customizable, intuitive and maximizes your viewing window by minimizing the clutter that other browsers seem to like to consume (tabs, commands, icons, etc.).

Watch a brief interview with the team that created Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is doing to web browsing what Google Search has done to finding information on the web.  Like 'em or hate 'em, Google has become the face of the web and is transforming it.  Just don't tell that to Apple or Microsoft.

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