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Speed Cruiser light sport plane offers an interesting aviation design

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There are more and more LSA planes on the market. One of them is the Speed Cruiser by Renegade. A new light sport aircraft was unveiled by Renegade Light Sport Aircraft at Airventure 2012 - The SC 07 Speed Cruiser.

Renegade also introduced the D-Motor, a flat head, four cylinder, liquid cooled, direct drive engine producing 95 horsepower and weighing in at only 125 lbs. complete.

The airplane - in combination with the D-Motor - is a very attractive package - due to its exceptional payload capacity, and power to weight ratio.


Wing span 8.10m Wing area 10.03m2

Length 6.65m

Height 2.10m

Cabin with 1.24m

Headroom 1.15m (Seat adjustable)

Legroom 1.15m

Fuel tank 87L

Weight starting from 294kg with rescue system

Take off weight 450 kg or 472.5 kg with rescue system SC07 Speed Cruiser Engine group

Engine Rotax 912 ULS2 with 100HP Propeller Carbon propeller (adjustable on the ground)

Fuel pump Auxiliary electrical fuel pump Engine D-Motor 95 HP, direct drive, 125 lbs.

Propeller Carbon propeller (adjustable on the ground) Fuel pump Auxiliary electrical fuel pump

VNO 232 km/h

VNE 250 km/h (Speed never to exceed)

VC 215 km/h (at 75% power setting)

VB 209 km/h

VFE 120 km/h (Max. with full flaps)

VS 65 km/h VR 75 km/h with 15 degrees flaps

VREF 90 km/h with 40 degrees flaps

Landing at 65km/h Rate of climb 6.2m/s with 0 degrees flaps, 110 km/h and 472.5kg total weight

Takeoff distance 120m

Landing distance 160m

Range 1200 km


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