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'Spectacular Spider-Man' finally lands onto Blu-ray and DVD

The Spectacular Spider-Man

Were you disappointed with The Amazing Spider-Man 2? Craving some classic web-slinging action with the cast of characters you love from the comics? Well, wash down Andrew Garfield and his Spider-Man with The Spectacular Spider-Man! For the first time ever, both seasons are available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray.

Arguably the greatest adaptation of Spider-Man to hit televisions, the former Kid’s WB show recounted Peter Parker’s dual life as a high school student and crime fighter. Spectacular Spider-Man was the first animated Spider-Man show to feature original love interest, Gwen Stacy as a co-star. Fans of all ages instantly fell in love with the show’s witty writing and comic tributes to early Stan Lee and Steve Ditko stories. Sony prematurely cancelled the show after losing the television rights to Spider-Man during the Disney purchase of Marvel. Disney replaced The Spectacular Spider-Man with a lighter humored adaption called Ultimate Spider-Man which currently airs on Disney XD.

Unfortunately, neither the DVD nor the Blu-ray set contain any new content or behind the scenes features. But even so, after 5 long years, The Spectacular Spider-Man has finally received the proper send off it rightfully deserves. Web-heads can re-watch all 26 episodes by purchasing the Blu-ray for $45.99 in stores everywhere now!

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