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Spectacular Science Show in Virginia Beach

Spectacular Science Show
Spectacular Science Show
K Applebee

How do you study something you can’t see? Scientists have pondered that problem for centuries. Some of the most powerful forces on earth cannot be seen although we can observe the effect of these forces on the matter around us.

Spectacular Science
K Applebee

The Awesome August: Spectacular Science show, hosted by the Kempsville Christian Church, will give school age children the opportunity to see, feel and experience some of the four fundamental forces that operate in our universe: gravity, electromagnetism, weak and strong nuclear force. But unlike Ben Franklin’s infamous kite in a lightning storm experiment, the learning will take place in a safe and controlled environment with child friendly explanations.

Participants will learn the difference between observation and inference, how bending light creates optical illusions, witness gravity defying balancing acts and experience the power of camouflage for both predator and prey. God's role in creating and maintaining our world will be emphasized.

The free program runs from 10:00AM-Noon on Monday, August 4, 2014. Participants may also pack a lunch and picnic inside or out following the show. Parents will leave with copies of the games and children with a solar bead chain that can warn them when dangerous UV rays could be damaging their eyes and skin.

One highlight will be experimentation and observation of a plasma generator. Plasma is created when extremely hot temperatures create the necessary conditions for orbiting electrons to escape the pull of their nucleus. (like a rocket escapes earth’s gravity).

The nucleus becomes a positively charged ion. The electrons have a negative charge. Both types of particles move freely, conducting electricity. According to NASA, solar winds containing plasma interact with the Earth’s magnetic poles to create the Aurora Borealis.

Other activities focus on solar power, conducting electricity (safely) through human bodies and playing kinesthetic games to understand how camouflage can benefit both predator and prey. Each will connect to God’s creative processes in the world and our ability to “live by faith, not by sight.” (2 Corinthians 5:7)

For questions, contact children’s minister, Scott Barritt at 490-3925 or consult the church's website for directions.