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"Specials" like art and music add to student's day

Music adds fun to day
Music adds fun to day
Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

“Specials” in schools is a term we hear a lot about when we meet with the districts. Specials are classes like art, music, and chorus, just to name a few.

When a student receives special education services they are likely to go out for specials. This is a good time to socialize with the rest of those in their grade.

Here are some things to remember if this is what goes on for some students:

- Make sure the student has the support they need in the classes
- Part of these classes is the social experience, so provide support but step back and give them a chance to be with their peers
- If the student has a special interest in a special, do your best to make sure that class is figured in their schedule
- Encourage creativity, don’t emphasize the grade
- Remember it is about fun, not stress.

Specials can add to a student’s day. They should be seriously considered by the IEP team. Make sure that team always includes the student.

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