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Special Vivillon available for all Pokemon X and Y players

Fancy Pattern Vivillon is an exclusive Pokemon available for download
Fancy Pattern Vivillon is an exclusive Pokemon available for download

Thanks to over 100,000 Pokemon being traded over the X and Y Global Trade Station, players can now download a special edition Vivillon right to their games.

The Vivillon is free to all owners of Pokemon X and Y. It features the exclusive "Fancy Pattern" which is only available through download. The official Pokemon website provided the following instructions on how to grab your new Vivillon.

Connect your Nintendo 3DS system to the Internet.

Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.

Select Receive Gift, then Yes.

Select Get Via Internet, then Yes.

Watch as you receive Fancy Pattern Vivillon!

Speak to the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center to receive your Vivillon.

Be sure to save your game!

Vivillon is one of the more intriguing Pokemon to date. There are over 20 different patterns available and the only way to get all of the variations is through trading. Vivillon's pattern is determined by the real life location that you are playing your game in.

The Fancy Pattern Vivillon sports three flowers on the upper part of each wing, colored white, yellow and purple. The flowers sit in front of a green background while the inner part of Vivillon's wings are pink.

This new Vivillon is different than the rest of them in more ways than just its pattern however. Fancy Pattern Vivillon also features a brand new move which can only be used by it called Hold Hands. The move doesn't actually do any damage or have an effect, making it fairly useless.

According to Gamespot, you only have till the end of the month to download the Fancy Pattern Vivillon, Make sure to grab it quickly by following the instructions above, courtesy of the Pokemon website.

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