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SPECIAL REPORT: The Police State is Here

The militarization of the police has been on a long progressive development over the last century. From the revolver and Billy club to Generation four Bear Cat Armored Vehicles and Concussion grenades, it seems that those who are sworn to serve and protect are doing less of both and more of infringing upon the God given rights of “Law Abiding American citizens”. Now don’t get me wrong, I completely respect those Law Enforcement Officials who stay true to the oath and perform their sacred duty; however with each day hearing more and more cases of cops abusing their authority, one finds it hard to sympathize. This writer has a man considered a beloved father figure who is one of the most honorable men I know who is a career cop. This is another reason that I find the recent trend in corrupt law enforcement appalling.

The Police State is Here
Breaking All The

For every inflammatory article I post on my own Facebook pages for myself and my book 1984 Redux, accosting a cop for beating up a grandma or tazing a toddler and shooting puppy dogs, I always get the typical “You don’t know what it’s like being in their shoes” or, “Stop Side chair Quarterbacking”, “You Weren’t there” or the excuse that they are simply ignorant due to improper training. All of these defenses come from other police, or families of cops or in some cases former or active military officers. The fact that someone regardless of their position or profession can justify some of these atrocities to Justice and Liberty is deeply disturbing to me in ways I just can’t even explain.

First off I would like to explain why it is exactly that this writer is so hatefully aroused in lieu of the ever so escalating reports of not only abuse of authority but Police Brutality. I will go a step further by demanding a call to action for all the readers who follow this column by being unforgiving to any and all who shall abuse their sacred oath. For those who may read this and subscribe to the camp that would defend these corrupt and criminal police officers and other Law Enforcement Officials I will clarify exactly why I give no forgiveness and shall offer no quarter to those who decimate and violate their ever so sacred oath to serve and protect.

Being a former US Soldier, this writer has sworn before the almighty to serve the American people and protect the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies “Foreign and Domestic”. While serving…SERVING, as a soldier one knew their place as a loyal and faithful servant whose SACRED DUTY, was to protect all Americans against those who would do harm and from tyranny. This list of enemies was not limited to those outside of the nation’s borders. Part of the duty of SERVING and PROTECTING is upholding the Constitutional freedoms that are inherently GOD given to every American born to this great nation.

To those who claim “You weren’t there”, “You don’t know what its like in their shoes” etc. etc. As a soldier this writer has operated on well over 200 combat missions which include Convoy escort / motorcade, close protection, raid, recon, ambush and sensitive site exploitation. This means that every time I went out on an operation I encountered situations that required good decision making and had ethical and moral dilemmas. NEVER… I repeat, NEVER did I mistreat anyone that wasn’t a combatant and that means that I had to make fast decisions. That’s not to say I hadn’t had to detain innocent personnel. They were not abused and were given all respect and courtesy that one could possibly expect. They were treated far better than most police treat anyone detained in the US.

As a fugitive recovery agent, I have served several affidavits in what could be considered “High Risk” areas, to include the infamous “Bonnie Doon” in Fayetteville North Carolina, where when local police were asked to assist in the re-arrest of a subject the officer refused and said that the F.P.D didn’t go in there if they didn’t have to because they would get shot at. While operating in this area, NOT ONCE, Did I ever find myself being excessive in the force I used. No, this writer has certainly found himself in situations similar to what these police officers encounter to include facing both friendly and hostile dogs. NEVER – EVER, was there a time where this writer conducted himself as these shameful officers depicted below did.

For those who would try to defend these corrupt and crooked officers of the Police State by claiming that they just don’t receive enough training. The advice would be to seek personal and professional development outside of work. As a Protective Security Specialist, my colleagues and I are constantly seeking further personal and professional development. As a soldier all it took to conduct training was a field manual and the effort. There were times when we made our own props, We would “chalk talk scenarios and do dry rehearsals of scenarios. We didn’t always have the equipment or the blank rounds. I remember times where we would say “Bang, Bang” to simulate shooting but we still practiced all the individual pieces of the integrated act of firing a weapon minus the blanks. I defer to an old expression used in the military; the maximum effective range of an excuse is ZERO meters. There is no excuse for “lack of training”. Read a book about the subject you wish to improve upon and then practice on your own.

What we often see in the law enforcement community is the wannabe military type, complete with crew cut. They copy the military language, the look, the demeanor except they aren’t military. In fact the job of Law Enforcement is to simply Enforce code, to serve the public and protect the innocent from crime. In my profession as a Protective Security Specialist and Fire Arms Instructor, there is a common joke about cops. The worst thing one can do is put one of the guys with a Law Enforcement background in charge of something; because they get power greedy and abuse their position. They often try to snap everyone around them in line per say as if they were drill sergeants. For the experienced military man in our profession we see that as a significant sign of inexperience and poor leadership. The fact is that today’s law enforcement fancy themselves a paramilitary unit.

Its quite funny in the Protective Security profession when all the former cops are the ones that have the most gear. You can spot them a mile away with their “Bat Man Utility” pistol belts and dangling electronic doodads and flashlights and lasers and vests and pouches etc. etc. They all fancy themselves “SWAT Operators”. The term Operator is often used when they refer to themselves. They also like to refer to every piece of gear that they port as tactical. I refer to these guys as TACTICLOWNS. Its as if they are all over compensating for the lack of something over their military counterparts. As an instructor for guard and close protection training courses it is the former Police who often have the biggest egos and the least skill. Often times if you try to educate, inform or correct one of these former police they simply refuse to listen or to humbly take advice from an instructor.

Their behavior is a direct representation of what we have been seeing in the national news on almost a daily basis in recent history. In a recent film “Release us” which depicts the current rise of the police state and the ever growing battle between the people and those assigned to be their protectors, they quote a US Department of Justice Statistic. The statistic states that over 500 innocent people a year are killed by police. That is over 5000 since the events of 9/11. These statistics are equal and or greater to the number of US troops killed a year in Iraq or in Afghanistan.

Police Brutality in Austin Texas February 2014

Most recently in Austin Texas a college student out for a run was detained and arrested by local police because she didn’t have identification on her person. Someone from the crowd video recorded the incident as the woman was taken away. The woman claims that the police violently took her to the ground while she was out for a jog. The police claim she was “Jay walking” and that when an officer “touched her arm to get her attention” Oh so gently touched her arm, that she threw herself on the ground and refused to give up information on her identity. This is of course because they are so concerned that she might be a hardened criminal (All 100 pounds of her). News here, when this writer goes for a jog, he doesn’t carry ID. Now the Austin Police claim that this was all routine and that she was in fact Jaywalking and that when the police tried to warn her she blatantly ignored them and then began resisting as they “Simply Tried to warn her”. Now, I might buy such an explanation, unlikely but I might. Interestingly the police chief is so disconnected from reality that he made the following comments.

“This person absolutely took something that was as simple as “Austin Police – Stop!’ and decided to do everything you see on that video,” Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo at a press conference this afternoon. “And quite frankly she wasn’t charged with resisting. She’s lucky I wasn’t the arresting officer, because I wouldn’t have been as generous.”

He later went on to say:

“In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy in Austin, Texas.”

But the belligerent Chief Art Acevedo had to dig himself even deeper once he realized that his dismissive “Tough guy” comments didn’t bode well for him. In a press conference he stated that the people and the press were simply over reacting and Acevedo said his comments were the result of a strenuous week for the department.

Forgive me if I don’t feel pity for these poor innocent cops, just trying to do their job.
(See an article here on the incident)

(See the video Here)

A woman is Arrested for a felony and roughed up by police for recording them February 2014

In florida Broward County Brandy Berning a whopping 100 pound single mother was stopped for driving her vehicle in an HOV lane by Sheriff’s Deputy William O’Brien. During the stop Berning legally recorded the public officer’s stop and then told him that she had been recording the stop. The officer then demanded that she give him her phone because she had committed a felony. Berning refused and the officer illegally entered her vehicle injured Berning put her on the ground, placed her in restrainst and then smashed her private property the cell phone. Berning was held overnight and charged with several citations, including a felony. Since all charges against Berning have been dropped and now Berning is filing a case against O’Brien.

(An article on this is seen Here)

(A video of the news report with pieces of the adio and video taken from Berning’s Phone Here)

11 February, 2014 Policeman shoot’s a man’s service dog at his nine year old son’s Birthday Party

Thank goodness for Glenn Beck and his Blaze Website. An article was featured there which describes an officer called to the residence of a house hosting a birthday party for their nine year old son. The officer gets out of his car and is greeted IN THE YARD by a dog , the cop gets out of his vehicle, kicks the dog then shoots the dog. The officer then goes to the door and begins yelling at the man of the house and lies to the man saying that he shot the dog because it tried to bite him. (Note that the video clearly depicts what really happened the dog did not attempt to bite him.) It should also be noted that the home owner should have controlled his dog and not allowed it to run free. The Officer Tarek Hassani claims to have been bitten by a dog once before and shot the dog because he feared going to the Emergency Room. Once again there is no sympathy for this bully who calls himself a police officer.

(See the video here)

25 February, 2014 Police tackle, beat, pin, pepper spray, suffocate and kill an innocent man in Moore Oklahoma.

In this incident the police arrive to a movie theatre parking lot on a domestic violence call. What had happened was that a mother had slapped her 19 year old daughter in the face in reference to her bad behavior. (Our politically correct and discipline free society which states that parents cannot discipline their child is intolerant of parents doing their job). When the police arrived they questioned now deceased 44 year old Luis Rodriguez. Rodriguez who did nothing wrong and was not even involved refused to cooperate when he was tackled by police. Clearly the man who did nothing wrong attempted to defend himself from the four thugs who restrained him, beat him, pepper sprayed him, suffocated him and eventually killed him while his wife was forced to watch the entire event unfold. Police Chief Jerry Stillings said that he has not yet seen any footage demonstrating that the cops misbehaved. It should be noted that three of the officers have been placed on administrative leave. Once again another gross abuse of not only permissible use of force with a total of five cops on one man, but the complete and utter lack of the police to make any civil attempt to get to the bottom of the situation. The immediate answer – use of force. We are still waiting for the cell phone footage recorded by the deceased’s wife to be released. We can only hope for “True Justice” to befall these thugs.

(See the article here)

July 2013, Sarasota woman has an armed stand off with Marshalls in a case of mistaken identity

Sarasota Florida a woman holds of US Marshalls after the Federal Agents make an attempt to illegally enter her home. The 59, year old woman spotted “TACTI-CLOWN Operators” approaching her home armed. She alerted her boy friend to get down on the ground to avoid who she described as “Rambo” looking guys approaching the door. She crawled to her room, grabbed her pistol and drew a bead down on the door, when she described what she saw as the barrel of a gun stick through the port of her door with a white light on it. The federal agents told her this is the police drop the f!@#ing gun or I’ll F!@#ing shoot you. Eventually she dropped the gun, but once again, the police failed to do their due diligence by researching the objective. Fair enough mistaken identity, but when asked why they entered her home without a warrant, one of the agents replied with something to the effect of “we’re federal agents we do what we want.” Perhaps this should be a lesson to all Americans that we should abide by our second amendment and protect ourselves from Tyranny by protecting our third and fourth amendments with our guns by shooting and killing those who try to violate those rights such as the US Marshalls did in this case. Just so the public knows who this agent was it was agent Mat Wiggins of the Marshall’s fugitive division.

(Video Here)

(Article Here)

So why the escalation in Police brutality and abuse of power?

We could boil all of these “coincidents” down to the fact that it has always been this way in America and that because of the communication and internet age it just spreads more easily, or we could do the simple math. The math says that there are way too many incidents for it to be coincidental. Perhaps we as a nation have a serious problem on our hands. This writer tends to subscribe to the latter. Let’s face it since the 1970’s “No knock warrants have increased more than tenfold”, That is a fact. But what has changed to influence this?

First we had the Cold War, The War on Crime, and The War on Drugs and now The War on Terror. After the Cold War in 1994 a bill was written to give local law enforcement outdated Cold War Military equipment to be used in the War on Drugs and Crime. Then after 9/11 we had the War on Terror which brought forth all sorts of new excuses and equipment for proponents of the Police State. With the Patriot Act Warrantless Wire Tapping and Total Information Awareness we are all subject to illegal search. In 7 April, 2009, the Department of Homeland Security declared Millions of Law Abiding Citizens as Domestic Threats with their report on Right Wing Extremism. So with these trends we can see how the once honorable profession of Law Enforcement has been engineered and coaxed into being militant. The militarization of the police has also been bread by pop culture and Hollywood. So now it seems that every two – bit wannabe military guy who couldn’t cut the mustard for military service has found that they can still live out their fantasy of being “John Rambo” without enduring the risk of combat and the obligation of true service. In a world where police officials cover for one another and lie through intricate articulation of the actual events we find that in many cases corrupt police officials truly are above the law.

Why would anyone advocate the police state?

Jay Edgar Hoover once wrote in his classic Masters of Deceit, that Communists had been infiltrating our system for some time. Ezra Taft Benson had warned America about Communist infiltration during his speech at Brigham Young University titled “Our Immediate Responsibility”. He was warned by Khrushchev himself that Benson’s grand children would live under Communism because Americans are so gullible that even though we wouldn’t accept Communism out right, through years of small doses of Socialism we would eventually succumb. Today we live in a nation with a President who once ran as the New Party Socialists’ candidate and who admittedly studied Marxism and even proclaimed a fascination for the man. The same President whose self admitted mentor in his own autobiography was watched on the FBI adex list for Communist Subversion (Frank Marshall Davis). The same President with ties to 1960’s Radical Communist Terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

We have Socialists like Carol Browner Presidentially chosen to head organizations like the EPA ; and Communists like Van Jones the Green Jobs Czar. Our policies have retrograded 180 degrees opposite from where America’s ideals once stood and our President won an election on the promise to fundamentally change America. We see that religious freedom is constantly under attack through the guise of tolerance. America is being forced to be tolerant of other religions and cultures at the expense of the Judeo – Christian religious culture, the predominant religion in America. These are all the beginnings of the onset of Communism.

With the mass criminalization of Americans, the expansive over reach of the executive branch and the police organizations of America we have become a nation that is growing ever accustom to having their rights violated by the growing police state. The police are militarizing while the military is submitting to the color of authority from a Tyrant who wishes to dismantle the true warrior culture in our society by implementing open gay policy and cross gender combat units. Not that there is anything wrong with being openly gay, but the military is not a science lab for social engineering. The combat zone is serious business and subjects such as openly gay sexuality or sexuality in general and the idea of mixed sex combat units are not conducive to the laser like focus needed in these combat units to successfully accomplish their mission. Politicians and the architects of the New World Order simply use these topics as a distraction to accomplish their agenda

We also see a trend in the use of military units on the home front and the creation of US NORTHCOM which falls under FEMA. We see the ever expanding use of “Zombie Apocalypse” training scenarios where the military is training to assist police in civil unrest situations. This is the rehearsal and practice of the military neglecting its oath to uphold their service to the people and the Constitution. America wake up, we are the zombies. The Police State is nothing more than Communism encroaching. We have become the frog in the boiling pot of water. By the time we as a nation realize that we are not soaking in warm suds, but in the cooker it will be too late we will have surrendered all of our rights willingly and will have accepted our role as the proletariat.

The police who bully are tools for the effort to dismantle our society and the sad part is they are by part and in large so power drunk with authority that they aren’t even smart enough to realize it. Our military is the weakest it has been in decades. Its under so much social change that it cannot focus on the fundamentals. Its okay to be openly gay, it shouldn’t be a military matter. Women should not be in front line units period. It shouldn’t be an issue. But these two issues bring about so many others among the ranks such as tolerance, sexual harassment, equal opportunity, equal standards, and a host of others. With a military whose focus is on tolerance how can it worry about upholding the oath?

The globalist Communists who seek a global classless society know that to successfully convert America to Communism they must destroy religion, crush the warrior culture that would fight all enemies foreign and domestic and defend the constitution, condition society gradually like Pavlov’s Dog to submit to authority via illegal search and seizure, TSA Check points, X-Ray Scans, Retina Scans Bio Metrics and the mass criminalization of Law Abiding Citizens. They have to disarm the society via false flag attacks and Cloward and Piven Strategy. They have to Confuse us with fixed media and false wars such as The War on Crime, Drugs and Terror. They have to subvert our education system, attack the youth and turn child against parent. They must divide us with social and class warfare. Dear reader, the Police State is not coming; it is here. It is not anything more but simply a means to the end. In conclusion I Andrew Curtiss of the Fort Worth Libertarian Examiner, sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic put out a call not just to Libertarians but all who read this. It is our duty to resist this Police State in any way possible. We must hold those sworn to serve and protect to their sacred duty.

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