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Special needs, senior German shepherd continues to wait for hospice foster home

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Nearly two weeks ago, staff at the Auburn Valley Humane Society in Auburn, Wash., sent out a request for a special German shepherd who is in need of a hospice foster home.

The dog, named "Sadie," wound up at the animal shelter after her guardian died; while she was in the facility's care, she was diagnosed with a mammary sarcoma. Sadie underwent surgery and the majority of the cancer was successfully removed, but the veterinarian expects that the it will return because it is the type cancer with a high reproduction rate and likelihood of metastasis.

An article was written about Sadie back on July 23 and since that time, several people have inquired about offering her a foster home - unfortunately, those who have spoken with the facility have cats and/or female dogs in their household already.

Sadie needs to join a family with no cats and no female dogs - she does not mind the company of large, male dogs.

The employees at Auburn Valley Humane Society think the world of Sadie. They have noted that she is "wonderfully affectionate with people," and they want nothing more than for her to join a loving household for the remainder of her life.

In addition to Sadie's cancer fight, she also has issues with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). On August 3, the facility email the following update to the National Dog News Examiner with regards to this issue:

Dr. Purvis has found the level of prednisone that works for her IBS and she has had normal stools for a couple weeks now. The prednisone medication is less than $10/month or every other month. Her food can be costly. Found it on Pet Flow: A 32# bag should last her 6.5 weeks and costs $106.49 (free shipping). She eats 2 cups twice daily.

Anyone who is interested in Sadie, or who has a specific question about her, is asked to email Lori at

Donations are much appreciated as the Auburn Valley Humane Society is footing the bill for Sadie's prescription food and medications and has likely invested $2,000 or more in diagnostics and surgery for her. So, anything helps. Donations can be made out to AVHS in Sadie's name and mailed to the shelter here:

Auburn Valley Humane Society
4910 A Street S.E.
Auburn, WA 98092

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