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Special needs puppy brought to animal shelter to be euthanized is saved

Days ago, an adorable English bulldog puppy was taken to an animal shelter in northern Calif., to be euthanized.

Special needs puppy Chance
Contributed photo via Love & Second Chances

The two-and-a-half-month-old puppy, dubbed "Chance," has obvious issues with all of his limbs and his prior owner had opted to end his young life. Fortunately, Chance's story did not end at the facility...

The rescue organization, Love and Second Chances, took the special needs puppy under their wing and today, he is receiving specialized veterinary care which will help make his life somewhat more normal.

Chance's veterinary team evaluated his compromised limbs and found that not only were his legs deformed, but he had several fractures...the specialist noted that most puppies with such severe issues would be euthanized.

When the rescue agency informed the veterinarians that they wanted to fight for Chance's life, the team admitted that they were intrigued by the challenge of helping the pup.

Fortunately, the pup is with a rescue agency who has recognized the spark in his eye - his love of life and will to live.

Melody Chen, the founder of the rescue organization, said:

Chance is an inspirational puppy who regardless of his situation he just lives to today. Chance loves to plays like any other puppy, gets into trouble and enjoys nothing more then snuggling up close to you.

Chance faces a long which will involve multiple surgeries and intensive rehabilitation. On Thursday, he underwent his first specialized surgery and today, he is recovering and doing as well as can be expected.

On Friday morning, the following news was posted to Chance's Facebook page:

The breathing tube is out!!! He ate at 2am and was very happy to be fed. They are managing pain with injectables so he is sleeping the majority of the time. He is position to where he cannot move so as to minimize any chance of injury. Today is a much better day for our boy!

Anyone who would like to help off-set the rescue agency's extensive veterinary costs can make a donation at this link to Chance's Go Fund Me account (where updates are regularly posted).

Follow Chance at this link to Facebook.

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