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Special needs pets are no less deserving of a forever home

Formerly Angels Among Us dog Papaya, now Sally's sweet baby Daisy.
Formerly Angels Among Us dog Papaya, now Sally's sweet baby Daisy.
Sally Angevine

If you are ever perusing Petfinder for a pet to adopt from a rescue, chances are you will come across a few animals that have a tiny green heart under their name. This tiny green heart symbolizes that the pet is special needs, and it’s easy to skim past them. Many don’t even consider a special needs pet when they are looking to adopt. But special needs pets deserve a loving forever home just as much as pets with no handicap. If you look deeper into a special needs pet that is available for adoption, you will find that most of them function beautifully even with their disabilities. Animals are so resilient in that way; they bounce back quickly and adapt to their situation.

Pumpkin Pie is a sweet special needs dog
Angels Among Us Pet Rescue

Sally is a perfect example of an adopter who wasn’t looking for a special needs dog, but made a strong connection with one. Daisy was blind, and while Sally had her reservations, after dedicated consideration she followed her heart and adopted Daisy. Daisy’s foster mom noted that Sally was perfect for Daisy, because she didn’t feel sorry for the blind girl – Sally simply loved her. Sally admits that she’s had to make a couple of concessions since adopting a blind dog – she added rails to the bed so Daisy wouldn’t tumble over the edge, and she watches Daisy very closely while she’s outside – but she adds that Daisy figures things out on her own. “She’s blind as a bat, but cute as a button,” Sally sweetly teases.

With all of this in mind, presented to you today are a few special needs pets from Atlanta-based Angels Among Us Pet Rescue that are in need of a patient, loving, forever home. If you open up your heart to these unique animals, you will not regret it.

This 10-year old Yorkshire Terrier is both blind and deaf, but despite these challenges, Britzee is an active boy that makes it around his foster home just fine. He enjoys exploring and cuddling on a warm lap. He is able to communicate his needs to his foster mom, whether it is that he wants a belly rub or to snuggle up on a fuzzy blanket. He is affectionate and adorable. His foster mom says, “I learned quickly that his disabilities made no difference. He is a normal dog.” Britzee is patiently waiting for his forever family to find him.

Barney Rubble:
We often hear of people struggling with diabetes, but did you know that pets could develop the disease, as well? Barney Rubble is an 8-year old Jack Russell Terrier mix, and he suffers from diabetes. “It’s nothing to shy away from,” his foster mom reports. “He has to be on a consistent feeding schedule and have his insulin shot 30-45 minutes thereafter. He’s my first diabetic dog, and it’s been a breeze to take care of him.” His condition does not have much effect on Barney Rubble. He is a calm, friendly dog that would so love to have a family of his own.

Lots of people have hearing problems, and they function at full capacity. It may surprise you to learn that dogs are the same way! Especially 8-year old Shih Tzu mix Anya. She is housetrained, loves to go for walks and ride in cars, and she is quite the snuggle-bug. Her foster mom says that if Anya knows someone is home but is unable to find them, she will bark so that her person can find her instead. She’s a sweet, mellow girl that needs a forever home.

Bear is a young Maine Coon mix that unfortunately suffers from Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, usually abbreviated to FIV+. This diagnosis seems to send potential adopters fleeing to the hills, but it shouldn’t. Cats that are FIV+ can live long, healthy, and happy lives, and despite misconceptions that they are contagious, the only way to infect another cat is through deep bite wounds. Bear is what his foster mom calls a “people cat” and he so desperately wants to be loved. He is sweet and playful and it is unfair that his special needs get in the way of him being considered for adoption.

This 3-year old Grey Tabby girl has a condition known as Drop Hock, a neurological problem that results in Louanna dragging her back legs when she walks. This doesn’t stop Louanna, however. She’s a playful, chirpy girl, and can do whatever she decides she wants to do – meaning, she’s a normal kitty cat. She is no less deserving of a forever home because of her condition.

Other adoptable pets with special needs are Rolo, Pumpkin Pie, Smitty, Taz, Snowflakes, Bella Rose, Tabitha, Kringle, Sapphire, and Bridget. More are rescued every day, so be sure to regularly check Angels Among Us Pet Rescue's Petfinder page.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue is known for rescuing pets that may have special needs; their fosters don’t shy away from animals with disabilities, and it’s a sincere hope that adopters won’t, either. These animals are not defined by their disabilities. So please open your heart today, just like Sally did, and consider a special needs pet.

If you are interested in any of the above listed pets, you can email for more information about them. You can also visit to fill out an adoption application.

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