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Special Needs Kids 101: Are there Therapeutic Recreation programs available?


(Photo Courtesy: Gina St. Aubin)

Finding programs to supplement your child’s therapeutic advances can be difficult.    Consideration of extra time, the added expense not readily covered by insurance, and finding qualified, caring individuals to lead your special child in fun, therapeutic adventures can be tough.  If you live in Douglas County however, there is one place that might fit the bill.

Open to all, discounted to members (those in living in the Highlands Ranch Community), is the Therapeutic Recreation Program. Therapeutic ‘Rec’ is, “intended to enhance the quality of life of individuals with special needs….facilitated by Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialists and/or qualified staff….for participants of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to challenge participants and support general independence, choice, self-determination, and self-confidence...We work towards social independence in a fun and safe environment…”

Programs offered include:

  • Therapeutic Recreation Personal Instruction (gyms, pools and weight rooms)
  • Therapeutic Recreation Small Group Instruction (gyms, pools and weight rooms)
  • Special Needs Family Swim
  • Therapeutic recreation Classes
  • Splash Swim Groups
  • Special Needs Tumbling
  • Special Needs Dance Class
  • Special Needs tae Kwon Do
  • Thrilling Thursdays
  • Special Needs Basketball
  • Special Needs Indoor Soccer
  • Special Olympics
  • Special Olympics Almost 8 Just Can’t Wait
  • Organized birthday parties

The staff in the Therapeutic Recreation Program will begin by having you complete an Individual Service Plan where you can discuss your child’s needs, programs and therapies (s)he has been involved with in the past, strengths and areas for development.  The cost for programs vary depending upon the program and individual or group preferences. Some programs do have a short wait list, but most do not.

With reasonable costs and staff who are able to work with individuals of all abilities, flexible times and programs, as well as the availability of scholarships, you can’t miss on giving your child this added opportunity any time of the year.  For more information, including volunteer opportunities, please contact Summer Aden at or call 303-471-7043.

More Information:
HR Therapeutic Recreation Program

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