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Special Needs Kids 101: Are there Special Education Advisory Councils in the metro area?

Having found the DC Special Education Advisory Board was reassuring in a sense, knowing that the whispers that may alone not be heard have some of the strongest advocating voices.  If you’re in Colorado and in a school district other than Douglas County, you may still find yourself facing a seemingly difficult task of finding the voices that help you speak for and with your child.  

Recently, Developmental Pathways emailed a list of the Denver Metro Advisory Councils.  You may find yours here and begin forming a connection with those in your school district:


Adams County 12
Special Education AdvisoryCommittee - 720-972-4227.

Boulder Valley  
Special Education Advisory Council - Contact email: or 720-561-5918.

Brighton 27J
Brighton Parent Resource Group - Contact Caryn Johnson at 303-655-2738 or email to

Cherry Creek
Special Education Advisory Council - 720-554-4490 or email:  

Special Education Advisory Committee - Pam Bisceglia (Parent Liaison) 720-423-3571 or email to:

Douglas County
Special Education Advisory Council - Visit website DCSEAC or email:

Jefferson County
Special Education Advisory Council - Hotline at 303-982-6583.

Special Services Advisory Committee (SSAC).  Email: or call 303-347-3471.

 Do you have an article idea, a resource or other information you’d like to share with the special needs community?  Email me at GinaStAubin (at) comcast (dot) net.


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