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Special needs dog loses home after guardian diagnosed with aggressive cancer

Long time readers of the National Dog News column may recall a special puppy who was featured several years ago...her name at that time was Coco, and she had been found dragging herself along a road because her rear legs did not work.

Sallie needs a new home
Contributed photo/MPBR
Contributed photo

At that point in time, Coco was homeless - and her special needs made the likelihood of her being adopted slim...but she overcame that hurdle and found an amazing home with someone who had read the article. Under her new guardian's loving care, Coco, who was renamed "Sallie," flourished.

Tragedy struck again for this beautiful dog when her beloved guardian was stricken with an aggressive form of esophageal cancer - the surgery and subsequent treatments left Sallie's guardian hospitalized for months and all of her dogs had to find new homes.

Fortunately, the other dogs were able to find wonderful new families, but Sallie, the dog with the special needs, did not find anyone and she was sent to boarding for a year.

Thanks to Sallie's prior spinal injury, she has problems with incontinence - the woman who adopted her did not have problems with Sallie's medical issue, but it is preventing anyone new from giving Sallie a chance. The Missouri Pit Bull Rescue, who is trying to help Sallie find a home, wrote:

Because of the severe injury she suffered in her rear end, Sallie developed a weakness in her bladder muscles. While struggling with this, she had to spend many months in boarding without frequent access to going outside to potty. As a result, poor Sallie is not able to hold urine very long. We have no doubt she would already be adopted of it was not for this little set-back but so far, no one seems willing to give her a chance.

Sallie would do better in a home with someone who's home a lot to let her out often, or in a home with a secured fenced yard and a doggy-door. At the shelter, she uses her doggy door to potty outside. She understands the concept of pottying outside; She's just not able to hold it very long. It's not her fault....

Personality-wise, Sallie is a catch...she is described as a lovable "goofball" who enjoys the company of people and most other dogs. Sallie "doesn't know a stranger," and aside from her special-needs issue, she is practically perfect.

Sallie has had too many hurdles in her short life - it is time for her to catch a break. Please click here to read more about this special girl, and for those who are interested in providing her with a home, there is a link to adopt.

Sallie's former guardian - the woman fighting cancer, wrote:

Sallie is such a wonderful dog - happy, funny, loving and smart. She really deserves a second chance. Thank you.

Note: Sallie is currently in Kansas City, Mo.

Facebook page established for Sallie here: "Let's Find a home for Sallie"

Original story about Coco here.

Story about Coco's adoption here.

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