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Special needs cat seeks office job or quiet home, hopes you can help

Special needs cat needs office job or quiet home, hopes you can help
Special needs cat needs office job or quiet home, hopes you can help
Purrfect Pals

Piccolo Pete for President - or office assistant. Either way, this very special cat needs a job or a home where he can thrive. He even comes with his own office chair, if needed!

Pete, who lives in Washington State, is eleven months old. He has a neurological condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, or CH. Pete's condition will neither worsen nor improve and cats with CH learn how to move in their own special, wobbly way - a way that's endearing, inspiring, and is sure to put a smile on your face.

While Pete does have some challenges, he's willing to overlook them - and hopes you will, too. In addition to having CH, Pete was also treated for a concave or "pigeon" chest and gets a little short of breath if he's really wound up and plays hard.

This special needs cat is looking for a home with no other animals and with no children. Due to his medical conditions, he'd like to be with a maximum of 1-3 people at any time. Pete Purrs, flirts, and loves attention.

According to Pete's foster mom, Pete is "mild and is good with a tall-sided litter box. He doesn't mind the litter, but does tremble when concentrating, like when he's going potty. He then needs to rest by flopping on the floor to catch his breath."

She added: "He was the sweetest kitty, but I have stairs and he would never go near them. He makes amazing 'muffins' with his little paws and is so very gentle. Pete is best suited for lounging in laps, providing purrs, kisses, entertainment, and lots of love."

Piccolo Pete is a snuggly love sponge who flirts, loves attention, and is currently holding down a chair in the shelter office. Would you like more information on this very special cat? If so, please call Kathy at Purrfect Pals at (360) 618 0417.

Pete can be adopted as a permanent foster, which means that his family would have the fun of living or working with this amazing boy while Purrfect Pals would continue to provide his medical care related to his CH and concave chest.

Let's help Pete fill the role of a lifetime - he could be your best buddy, your lap warmer, your small office's guy Friday, or a general morale booster! Please share Pete's story to help him find a home!

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