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Special needs can make for special companions

Tracie Pfeifle knew there would be someone for Rosie, the deaf Pitbull.
Tracie Pfeifle knew there would be someone for Rosie, the deaf Pitbull.
KHGI, NBC2, Nebraska

Just like the fact that dogs with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) help and are helped by men and women experiencing the same or similar PTSD symptoms, dogs with special needs can help, understand and provide love for a person with special needs. It is though like-minded animal-human bonds form that allow for a special sort of understanding that only those caught up in it can attain.

Unfortunately the pairings are not always as easy to accomplish. It would certainly be nice if they were. However, one such matchup recently occurred in Nebraska through the Grand Island Nebraska Shelter. It was truly a match made in Heaven!

When it is difficult enough for many rescues and shelters to adopt out a special needs dog, it is truly difficult if that dog is also an older special needs dog. What many people do not understand is that, just like with people with special needs, what a dog may lack in one physical characteristic, they ordinarily make up for in all the others. Besides that the love that they have to offer is proffered exceedingly more!

Rosie seemed to have very little going for her when she arrived at the Grand Island Nebraska Shelter. Rosie is a Pitbull and, no matter how sweet, charming and loving these dogs truly are, they are looked upon with disdain by a good portion of the general population. This was Rosie’s first sin.

Her second sin is that she is older. For some reason, perhaps an emotional one, people don’t necessarily choose to adopt older dogs even though they have been through the paces, are ordinarily trained, and simply looking for a place to call home as they enter their twilight years. Maybe it is the fact that when people get attached to an animal that they don’t want to think of losing them any sooner than they have to!

The sin kicker is that Rosie is deaf. For many this would be the initial deal breaker, but combined with the other sins, Rosie seemed out of luck. It didn’t matter how sweet, loving and charming she was to most people, she just was not ‘it.’

Thank goodness for one particular volunteer that could see through all of Rosie’s misgivings. She not only could see the great heart that Rosie has, but she knew a home where Rosie could thrive and grow older.

Before she got Rosie placed with her forever family, Tracie Pfeifle trained Rosie with sign language. This is particularly useful for a deaf dog because they cannot be called or taught by voice. In the past four-and-a-half months, the dog made excellent strides and now knows her basic commands. This allowed her to be placed in a forever home with a family that had to deal with like circumstances.

Thank goodness there are people in this world like Tracie Pfeifle who can see past a dog’s discrepancies. This allowed Rosie the opportunity to find her forever home and have the potential to receive the love that she loves to give! What can we say, this is just proof in the pudding that there is someone for everyone out there – we just have to open our hearts to look!

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