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Special ideas for special moms

What is Mother’s Day really about? It isn’t about money or things, but showing just how much you care for and honor your mother or woman of material influence. If you want to do something a little different than flowers or a trip to the spa this year, following are a few ideas to get you started to individualize your tribute.

For Moms who enjoy the outdoors

  • Give a cooling towel (you can buy them from Bed, Bath and Beyond; Home Depot; Sporting Goods Stores, etc.), or give a personal or stand fan mister
  • Give a chaise lounge or glider/ rocking chair. Covered swings are also fun to give and have
  • Give a large pot with a tomato, herb or other plant already planted. This is perfect for a patio or other small spaces
  • Buy and place solar lights around walkways or any area where light can enhance the landscape (these can be purchased for as a little as $1 on up)
  • Give a pocket-type hose that is lightweight and doesn’t take up much space. Mom will appreciate how easy it is to water the flowers or garden
  • Give safe tanning lotions (available from companies like AVON to Estee Lauder), or products like Tan Towel at:
  • Take care of weeds either by spraying, using green options or digging them up; mow the lawn; fertilize plants or grass; add lawn ornaments such as a gazing ball or solar fountain; and maybe mow the lawn and trim around the edges for a complete landscape make-over

For all Moms

  • Give a special book and personally inscribe it
  • Give an photo album book with plastic sleeves to hold and organize Mom’s special recipes
  • Chop a multitude of fresh and various vegetables, and place them in freezer containers or bags to make them handy. Better yet, make up a week's worth of homemade meals that can easily go from the freezer to the oven
  • Hang pictures or do other odd jobs that might be difficult for Mom to do
  • Run errands for Mom along with a home-made coupon book such as for grocery incidentals, pharmacy, dry cleaning, filling the gas tank, etc.
  • Buy and replace all light bulbs with CFL or LED bulbs
  • Give a personal ice cream maker and provide all of the ingredients
  • Take Mom on an excursion – maybe to the movies or on a picnic. Rent a paddle or pontoon boat to make the event even more special

Think about the most difficult or time-consuming activities that your Mom has to do, and then find a way to do them for her or make it easier for her to do. That shows gift-giving with thought, but most of all, it shows your caring and love. Happy Mother’s Day!

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