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Ringo Starr on the road, part 2: Special guests highlight Beacon Theater show

Ringo Starr at the Beacon Theater in New York on June 18.
Ringo Starr at the Beacon Theater in New York on June 18.
Patti Murawski - used by permission.

(This is the second of our stories of Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band tour. Part one is here.)

Ringo Starr at the Beacon Theater on June 18.
Patti Murawski - used by permission.

Patti Murawski said she saw Ringo Starr and the All-Starrs again on June 18 at the Beacon Theater in New York, the second of a two-night stand. She says they picked the right night.

“Fortunately for us, we chose to see Ringo on June 18, rather than the first night on the 17 because we discovered when we arrived at the theater that the air conditioning had broken down the night before during the first really hot spell in the tri-state area with temperatures around 90 degrees. Luckily, the HVAC people had the AC fixed in time for the show. People hanging out backstage said that soundcheck had been canceled because they were still trying to get the it fixed.

“We hung out at the stage door as we waited for all members of our party to arrive, and once all together, it was clear Ringo’s arrival was imminent. We didn’t have to wait long when a large van pulled up with the members of the band who stopped to talk to fans, and sign authographs. Shortly thereafter Ringo arrived. He was wearing a fedora and gave a two-handed wave, a peace sign, and another wave as he kept moving toward the stage door.

“We noticed that Barbara was not with him, but found out later she was in London at Paul McCartney’s birthday party. Also arriving backstage were Mark Rivera and Judy Collins. And while we waited for the show to start, we noticed Steve Van Zandt coming into the theater from backstage. When we went around the corner, we noticed the electronic marquee had misspelled Ringo’s name. It read 'Ringo Star & All Starr Band,' with his last name misspelled with one 'R'

She said the Beacon is a beautifully restored theater built in the 1920s. The seating capacity is only 2,900. “The show started shortly after 8 p.m. The set list this night was the same as the show I saw in Wallingford the week before, and some of the stage patter the same. Todd Rundgren mentioned how lucky we were to be here tonight because the air conditioning hadn't worked last night and he mentioned how hot it had been.”

She said a man held up a sign that Ringo paused the show to read, sort of leaning toward the front of the stage to read aloud. It said, “Sign me so I can get my one and only tattoo.” Ringo paused, leaned even further and said succinctly, 'No!' and then laughed and said, “Now put the damn card down!”

“For 'Oya Como Va' the band was joined by All-Starr Band alumnus Mark Rivera on congas,” she said. Mark is touring this summer with Billy Joel. For the finale of “With A Little Help From my Friends” and “Give Peace a Chance” Ringo was joined onstage by All Starr alum Billy Squirer, Rivera, Steve Van Zandt and Judy Collins.

(More Ringo reports and pictures to come. Stay tuned.)