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Special events, natural disasters affect reservation centers


Most people do not think that what’s going on in the world impacts hotels and their reservation centers. Quite the contrary, it is probably the most impacted business in light of natural disasters or special events.

When you call your favorite hotels reservation center you want  to get your call answered right away, and to get the nicest, most helpful person on the other end of the phone. They are customer service representatives so you expect the best service, right. Well unfortunately that can’t always happen.
Alot of people are trying to attend special activities, sporting events, or escape natural disasters at the same time and some wait till the last possible moment to reserve rooms. Doing this puts you at risk for longer call times, hotels farther away than you intended to travel or not being able to find a hotel at all. Hotels will also try to take advantage of those times and raise the price of rooms. 

While you may not be traveling for one of those events, the reservation centers take everyone’s calls, from around the world, so this will impact you too. Be patient and don’t take it out on your agent, as they cannot control the call volume. The more reservations they make the more money in their pocket, so they want help you as much as they can.

From the Olympics to the Super Bowl; hurricanes to snow storms; Mardi Gras to the Macys Day Parade, a lot of people are going to be traveling and making hotel reservations. Get the edge by making reservations early and following these few simple tips.

Helpful hints when calling a reservation center:

  • Have an idea where you want to stay, the hotel itself, attractions you want to visit, or off a  certain interstate your traveling along.
  • Have a pen, paper, your credit card, and possibly a map of the area you’re going to nearby.
  • Be aware of what’s going on in that area as far as special events or natural disasters

                                                Hotel reservation  web sites & phone numbers

The Marriot   888 236 2427
Holiday Inn Hotels & Resorts  800 465 4329
Choice Hotels     877-424-6423
Best Western    800-780-7234
Hotels by Hilton 800-445-8667
Motel 6   800-466-8356



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