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Special education teachers

There are many types of educators in the public school system. The ones that bring me consideration are the Special Educational Teachers. These teachers are supposed to be able to handle the children that have special needs, and need additional help in their classrooms.

There was a parent that had a child and he started out his younger school years in the preschool and Head Start program. The teacher that he had during this time worked with this child. When the child was ready to enter kindergarten, no one said anything about him needing any special classes for kindergarten. This child was receiving speech therapy and occupational therapy.

The teacher that he had during kindergarten was real mean to this child, and did not want to work with him. On one occasion she gave a group of five year old children some scissors and went back to her desk without fully making sure that these students were supervised. The young student in this story, cut his shorts all to hell in a matter of minutes.

You would have thought that the teacher would have had the audacity to call and inform the parent of the situation, but no this young student had to walk around school like this for the remainder of the day. The mother, when picking her children up from school, drove home with the children. When she noticed her youngest son getting out of the car and his shorts cut like they were: She drove back to the school an demanded a conference with the principal and the teacher.

The mother told the principal that she felt that this teacher should be held accountable for being negligent in watching over 5 year old children with scissors. This parent asked the administrator why was she not even bothered with a phone call. The only thing the administrator said, "We are so sorry that this happened."

Well the parent got her child out of that classroom, and go him enrolled with a special education program with a teacher that did step up to the plate and take care and watch over all the children in her classroom.

Special Education students are different and have to be treated on a different level than students with higher intelligence levels. Teachers who call themselves "special education" need to show the level of effectiveness that it takes to handle these students. If they cannot handle the students in this category, then maybe they need to change their titles.

McCarthy Teszler School in Spartanburg County, SC has a wonderful program for special needs students.

The teachers there work with the students and parents are hardly ever bothered with phone calls saying, "Oh, we are having a problem with your child, and we need you to come on down to the school". If an administrator of a public school system cannot admit that one of his teachers made a bad decision and let her go, then maybe it is time for them to consider a new plan of action as well.

Parents of special needs children want to know that when they send their children to school that they are going to be well taken care of not treated as something worthless. McCarthy-Teszler School

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