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Spec Ops Service takes on security issues with tactful, diplomatic dedication

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Spec Ops Service offers security and risk assessment solutions to mitigate all prosperity disincentives, regardless of threat level–negligible (low) or immanent (certain).

Spec Ops Service | Protection Solutions in High-Risk Security

As a full-service threat mitigation, risk assessment, global tracking, secure transportation, and training provider, Spec Ops Service has its finger on the pulse of the continuing needs that face modern citizens, government and corporate entities in high-risk security. Backed by a team of fully trained Special Forces security experts, Spec Ops serves a diverse range of clientele that includes foreign dignitaries, high-profile politicians, celebrities, global executives and their businesses, wealthy families, as well as remote protection agents looking to bolster their resources and proficiency in the field.

While entering low to high risk scenarios or immanent, hostile environments a myriad of security concerns can arise for any party or local operator.It is easier to understand how to tackle these issues with confidence by utilizing the foresight, endurance, experience, and knowledge of Spec Ops:

Threat Mitigation

Utilizing a team of threat assessment specialists, Spec Ops Service can fully investigate the existing protection of physical facilities. In addition, this team can carefully identify any vulnerability that a business, organization or independent client may encounter in order to provide thorough counter-measure resolutions. Their focused operators mitigate risk in all areas, namely:

  • Protective Security Details and Security Advances
  • Safeguarding Public Image and Limiting Exposure
  • On Location Security
  • Secure Product Transport and Personal Travel
  • Preventative Security Services

To classify on-site security, Spec Ops conducts comprehensive security surveys, otherwise known as comprehensive risk assessments, that not only include the premise examination and exterior threats, but also a review of operational systems and procedures used by a facility or organization. Apart from providing reliable recommendations and resolution to improve site security, this team can run adversary encounter scenarios to better prepare and train those who work on-site. Additional threat mitigation services include risk management, business continuity, as well as adversary and protection force missions.

Site security often migrates into high net-worth individuals homes. Home site security is often initiated through a customized comprehensive risk assessment to assess all factors that could threaten the safety of families. The established plans address all concerns from robbery to abduction attempts. Plans can even be established in the most hostile areas were civil unrest could create an uprising at clients’ door-step.

Surveillance and Counter Surveillance

To help improve the operations of businesses, government agencies or law enforcement professionals, Spec Ops offers a complete range of surveillance resources. In addition to providing specifically-designed video and audio surveillance tools, this team provides high-tech equipment such as biometrics, GPS technology, and UAV capable of global tracking and surveillance.
While boosting surveillance tools is essential for all parties seeking high-risk security improvement, SOS also recognizes the importance of identifying risks of observation by adversary groups. As such, this top-notch organization can provide counter surveillance equipment and services that can detect, to name a few; presence of electronic bugs, RF bugs, hidden camera and GPS tools put in place by third parties.

Secure Transportation

Spec Ops supplies unrivaled global or domestic transportation and protection, whether it be land, sea, or air.
Whether a group or individual needs to travel securely in a hostile environment or is looking to ship important resources through varying risk regions from low to immanent, Spec Ops Service has comprehensive transportation solutions available. Not only can Spec Ops provide detailed assessment of on-ground convoy or motorcade operations, but they also offer top-notch maritime and air shipment or travel solutions that are all backed by fully-trained, Special Operations personnel. In addition, this team features a full line of armored vehicles that includes sedans, SUVs and other luxury vehicles; available for individuals, corporations, or government entities.

Protective Services

The protection services that Spec Ops professionals can provide is not limited to transportation. This organization can provide peace of mind to those traveling or speaking in high-risk environments with its team of trained professionals that are not only able to fully assess the safety of surrounding areas, but also act swift and precise if security is facing opposition. Put simply, Spec Ops Service institutes industry leading Protective Service Details (PSD) customized for every initiative. Through the company’s proven FORESIGHT, clientele can count on a ready and capable Emergency Response Team (ERT) to handle any crisis–and everything in between, especially when extraction of the principal is required.

Product Verification

Individuals may not always be put at risk by third parties in regard to personal security, but may prove more concerned about the authenticity or quality of important purchases that they are about to pursue. As such, Spec Ops Service utilizes their knowledgeable team of specialists, such as gemologists and other specialists working in oil analysis or precious metals.

This team can escort buyers to locations where deals are made in order to make sure that products are genuine prior to purchase. Those concerned about the legitimacy of foreign offers can also rely on Spec Ops’ product verification services to assess quality and authenticity of goods before risking travel to a buy site.


SOS utilizes generations of intelligence to support their proactive approach to the industry. Their proven intelligence support provides an unprecedented reach to every initiative. They harness this branch to realize risk before it becomes a threat. SOS’ Intel is paramount to their renowned proactive services.
In addition to gathering real-time, current intelligence to support even the most top-secret of missions, Spec Ops Services utilizes the following specialist while providing many services:

  • Surveillance Specialists
  • Domestic Investigations
  • Locates: Missing Persons, Heirs, & Witnesses
  • Child Support Evaders
  • Undercover Investigations
  • Civil & Criminal Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Background Investigations
  • Asset & Corporate Investigations
  • Process Serving
  • Debugging
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Business Intelligence Services
  • Capital Projects
  • Corporate Espionage

Spec Ops Service: Intensive Training is Vital for Immanent Risk Security

Whether reviewing new standards in security for in-house personnel, training local operators on location or spearheading tactical training at its fully-equipped Combat Applications Training Center, SOS is dedicated to making sure every task is met with the highest level of expertise. While the scenarios that may require security services, secure transportation, risk assessment, negotiation or personal protection are diverse in nature, this company understands that every professional on duty must have a full breadth of knowledge and experience when it comes to navigating or responding to any threat level– low (negligible) risk to the highest immanent, certain risk regions.

Combat Applications Training Center Builds Strength, Skill and Security

One of the most impressive resources that elevate Spec Ops Service in the security solutions industry is their vigorous training curriculum. If their operators are not in the field they are on-call, and training.

Re-opening in 2014 after upgrades and maintenance are complete, Spec Ops runs and maintains a fully equipped Combat Applications Training Center. While under construction on-site programs are offered at the client’s convenience.

Spec Ops security personnel and local operators seeking tactical training to fully protect clients and other resources can gain comprehensive insight on how to assess risk and properly respond to a wide range of hostile scenarios. Clients who want to ensure their security team is fully prepared for assessment and response can turn to these industry professionals for:

  • UAV Certification to ensure confidence when operating or responding to drone technologies.
  • Close Quarter Combat tactical training including maritime CBQ.
  • Greater expertise in fixed perimeter security whether guarding resources, buildings or protecting clients at events—such as public speaking engagements.
  • Extensive team training exercises including courses in off-road convoy security.
  • Sniper training to amplify accuracy and dramatically improve client security.
  • Full comprehension of armored vehicle strategies such as off-road defensive driving and counter-ambush techniques when operating vehicles.
  • Individual tactical training to improve preparation and response for single-personnel missions and assignments.
  • HEAT, Hostile Environment Awareness training, essential for those who want to gain practical knowledge of response techniques in a wide variety of hostile scenarios.

Fully-Vetted Special Forces Personnel Providing Confidentiality and Unmatched Protective Services

Spec Ops boasts a long list of prominent clientele from foreign dignitaries,corporations, governments to celebrities, including private high net-worth individuals. The first step in mitigating prosperity disincentives is providing a low profile and assuring that every aspect of their, or clients, dealings will never be released, even if it is as simple as a potential client’s inquiry. Every client receives the SOS promise of complete confidentiality. At Spec Ops Service Personal protection is their business; your safety is their passion.


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