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Spearhead Games teases new title

Spearhead Games, the team behind Tiny Brains, teased a new project on their YouTube channel yesterday. The video, which plays out more like a skit, stars co-founders Simon Darveau and Malik Boukhira as they discuss what they should challenge themselves with next. Like Tiny Brains, their next project will be a physics-based title, which they describe in the video as an E-Sport. They've also given themselves the daunting task of designing this within three months. Deciding that this isn't enough of a challenge, Spearhead is putting a twist on their development process.

Spearhead Games will announce their new project later this week
Spearhead Games

Starting on Thursday, Spearhead will regularly update fans of their progress through Twitch. Not wanting to be outdone by Tim Schafer, who had a similar approach with his latest title, the team will let the gaming community play an active role in developing the game. Spearhead will be leading this community created project by taking active feedback from their social media pages, which could lead to some interesting results. Beyond that, we still have no idea what an E-Sport is, but we look forward to taking this journey with Spearhead when they announce their project through Twitch on March 6th. The stream is set to go live at 7pm eastern and 4pm pacific.

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