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Speaking Your Truth

Communication holds the treasure
Communication holds the treasure
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If you have a sore throat or are coughing a lot, ask yourself, "What do I need to communicate, and with
whom?" It just might be that your body is trying to tell you that you are not communicating your truth with

A lack of honest communication is the chief cause of problems in relationships. Even wars can be
attributed to failures in communication. Fear of communicating what you want, how you feel and who you
are causes you to die a slow death. When you don't communicate, your spirit slowly dies. You withdraw
into yourself and give up voicing your needs. If you continue in this way, you risk leaving this world
regretting that you didn’t experience life to the fullest and share the love that is who you truly are.

How do you know when you are communicating from within your true self and not from your ego? When
you are in your truth,  you feel free and loving, and you feel more powerful.

True communication does not use words that hurt others in harsh ways, does not leave us feeling fearful
in any way, and does not take another person's power from them. While we can’t control how another
person will feel or react, it can help sometimes to be sensitive to the fact that the other person may not
know how to communicate their feelings and may not yet have mastered the art of communication. If you
genuinely communicate your own feelings from the heart, with love for yourself and others, you are living in truth.

Communication is the key that unlocks the lock on the treasure chest that holds the magic of the
universe. Communication with oneself, communication with others, communication with the universe, communication with all things. You hold the key. It's up to you to choose to learn how to use it.


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